Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Our tails - NOT one in the same

Maggie and Mitch told us all about their tails on their blog, and I thought it would be fun to tell everyone about our tails, because they couldn't be more different.

My parents almost named me Wilbur (the pig from Charolette's Web!) due to the curliness of my tail (and my snorting issue). It's a total corkscrew! My tail only unwinds when I am sleeping, or close to sleeping - otherwise, it's wound up tight next to my bum. I feel sorry for those puggles out there with a straight tail, because having a cinnamon bun tail is awesome - no one ever steps on it, it doesn't bang into things or get caught in doors, and I never have to worry about the terrible poo schmear.

Just because my tail is curly, doesn't mean it doesn't wag...

Patchy's tail is staight and boney, and constantly gets in the, it can't decide what color it wants to be - he's got 3 colors on that stick - black, white and a tiny bit of brown. The best part about his tail is that is it built for destruction. He's constantly knocking over cups and papers and he has the ability to bring young children to their knees in pain, his tail is that strong. Unfortunately, he has absolutely no control over the thing, and doesn't realize that when our Mama is in the kitchen, he has to curl his tail up. I don't know how many times the poor guy's been stepped on - you'd think he'd learn by now. Patches also has a cool hairy explosion at the tip of his tail! I think it's the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel part of him. I try to bite it off every day!


Clover said...

Aw! Cute tail pics! Your tails sure are different. I would try to bite that fluff off of Patches' tail too! :)
Love Clover xo

Suki Sumo said...

I love your tails! As you can imagine, I am partial to curly tails but I am way into Patches' fluffy plume. Also mommy says there is nothing as wonderful than being whacked in the shins by a happy puppy tail.

Maggie & Mitch said...

Mom is laughing hysterically at your post, Sparky! Wilbur the pig???? Are you serious?? How rude! You totally do not look like a Wilbur to us!
Maybe Patches should use curlers on his tail! It might be safer for him!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Preston said...

oh my! You have the curliest puggle tail I have ever seen, Sparky! Mine is curly..but not that curly..hmm..that's why my mommy always tries to grab my tail when we play "catch me if you can". Patches' is a beagle tail?
I like your tail story.


Amber-Mae said...

You have the typical pug tail Sparky & patches has got the Beagle tail. Cute tails!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Colleen and Izzie said...

Great post. I wish mama had thought to post it ... you described my feelings about my curly tail just purrfectly! The only thing I would add is that mine goes straight out when I'm afraid, too. And yes, it does wag: mama is always saying how cute my tail is when I wag it! Gee, how nice to know she thinks my tail is cute....

DoxieBoyz said...

LOL @ curly explosion. We's got straight tails. I (Jesse) have a "perfect" dachshund tail. Very straight. Skyler has a gay tail (I swears, it's called that!) and it curves up.

Stanley said...


Wilbur was one of the names my girl considered for me when she adopted me. (She's been a huge Wilbur the pig fan since she was 4).

Your tail is very curly ~ I love it's cinnamon bun looks. But, I'm like Suki Sumo ~ totally digging Patches' fluffy poof at the end of his tail. It looks more like a dog toy than a tail!

Goober love,