Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Now that I am feeling better, I am going to copy my mama, and some other human friends with cute pups, and list 100 things about your favorite hybrid puppies. (BTW - my vet lady told my mama that I am no longer a puppy - on paper. She's really depressed about that, but said that I will be her baby puppy FURever.)

1. I have a white lightening mark on my chest.
2. All of my toe nails are black, except for one nail that is divided equally as black and white.
3. I do not like MEN with beards. I bark like crazy at them.
4. I officially have 2 kennels - a soft one and a steal bar one. I hated the soft one.
5. Patches swallowed all but 2 of his baby teeth.
6. I taught Patches how to do the 360 degree poop, so our backyard is even more full of land minds!
7. Patches kisses my eyeballs all the time.
8. I have a curly tail that only uncurls when I fall asleep.
9. When we think we are being particularly good, we will sit by our treat drawer.
10. Patches pee's on command when you say the word "Potty."
11. When I stand up on my hind legs, I toot.
12. That toot is often loud.
13. I get called "stinky piggy" all the time.
14. I have both of my dew claws.
15. Patches' dew claws were amputated before my mama found him.
16. We wear matching collars in similar colors - but not the same exact collar.
17. We have collars for every season, and most holidays.
18. A stuffie lasts about 24 hours, tops, in our house.
19. I am the one who destroys it.
20. I also destroy all of our chewie toys too.
21. I have super strong teeth!
22. Patches puts his nose up my butt every morning.
23. Patches goes into his kennel every night without issue.
24. I whine, unless my mama gets on her hands and knees and sticks her head into my kennel, and holds my face and puts her forehead on my forehead and tells me in a soothing voice "Sparky, lay down and go to bed."
25. We each get an apple treat each time we get into our kennels.
26. We know when mama says "Kennels!" that it is time to settle in for the day/night.
27. I win every game of tug-of-war. (see #21)
28. Patches always out runs me during a game of fetch.
29. Patches has a couple of black pads on his paws.
30. We both love playing with my pop's remote control helicopter.
31. Patches is fast enough now that he can jump and catch the helicopter in the air.
32. Patches doesn't chew his food.
33. He knows better than to try to take from my bowl.
34. He will patiently wait until I am finished to check for any leftovers. I check his bowl as well, because you never know!
35. We both love vegetables.
36. (but) Patches especially likes lettuce.
37. We have to wait at the bottom of the stairs until my mama says "OK" after coming in from outside.
38. I am the only pup in this family allowed off-leash.
39. Neither of us are allowed out of our kennels while the humans are away at work or play, because mama said we are untrustworthy. Whatever mama!
40. Me and Patches like to sit under the desk by the space heater in the winter.
41. Patches immediately settles down and goes to sleep when you put a blanket loosely over his head.
42. When my mama lays down on the couch, I nap on her chest, while Patches cuddles between her legs.
43. I go nutty when I hear "Wanna go bye-bye car?"
44. Patches goes nutty when he hears the word "breakfast."
45. We miss Suki and Joey - as their blog was one of the first we ever read.
46. I destroyed my mama's couch by biting 2 holes - 1 in each arm - and digging out all of the stuffing while she was in the shower.
47. Patches has not destroyed a single shoe in his life.
48. I've destroyed about 10 pairs.
49. We've both destroyed dozens of pairs of underwear!
50. I love going on long, long walks.
51. Patches and I are both 1/2 beagle.
52. Patches has actually grown taller than me at the current moment, even though I have 5 pounds on him.
53. My favorite room in our apartment is the bathroom, because it's full of tasty goodies hidden in kleenex.
54. When my parent's eat dinner, I sit so quietly on the chair that I sometimes fall asleep.
55. Patches never sits quietly, and his often in banished to his kennel or kept behind a gate because he will try to taste their food.
56. Ice cream is my favorite food of all time.
57. I watch TV, and not just Animal Planet.
58. My grandma's voice causes my "lipstick" to come out.
59. Neither me nor Patchy can become fathers...sorry ladies.
60. Patches' ears are so long that they can almost wrap around his entire head!
61. My favorite show off trick is roll over.
62. Patches doesn't listen very well, but he has a great recall and excellent sit/stay.
63. Patches shivers when his feet get wet.
64. We have never met a cat in real life.
65. Patches had kennel cough when he first came home as a baby.
66. Patches has the following nicknames: Patchy, Patch-man, Patchy-poo and Patchwork Quilt.
67. I have the following nicknames: Sparky boy, Sparkplug and Sparky-barky.
68. Patches does not walk well on a leash. He pulls like crazy and has to wear a funny harness.
69. Sweaters suck.
70. Patches has reversable ears - one side is black, and the other is brown.
71. I attack falling snow.
72. Patches loves to dig in snow or sand.
73. We got to bed every night at 10:00pm.
74. We wake up every morning at 6:59am.
75. Patches starts to loose steam at 9:30 and often falls alseep on the couch before bedtime.
76. I love bathtime!
77. My chin is starting to turn gray even though I am only a year old.
78. I have human-like armpits.
79. Patches no longer fits into his winter sweater, which was big on him only a month ago. 80. I like to dance around on my hind legs.
81. Patches has black whiskers on the right side of his face, and white whiskers on his left side. (My Pop has known this for a long time, but my Mama just figured this out!)
82. Patches throws his whole body into his barks and bays.
83. I am so glad that we joined DWB last year!
84. Patches likes hot sauce.
85. When my parents got back from vacation last year, a bottle of tequila leaked in their luggage and I took it upon myself to roll around in the clothes.
86. My mama allows me to lick the left over milk from her cereal bowl in the morning.
87. On my pet sheet at the vet, it says that I have a malformed jaw due to my overbite.
88. My awesome overbite allows me to smile, with teeth.
89. Patches hides from birds.
90. I am afraid of the spin cycle from the washing machine.
91. Patches likes to stretch his body out on people.
92. My mama makes us run up and down the stairs at night to tucker us out and get out blood flowing.
93. Patches can not sleep without one of his too-small beds in his kennel.
94. When I sit on my hind legs, all of my fat and rolls gather around my hips.
95. Patches is obsessed with my jowls.
96. Our favorite treats are dried apples wrapped in dehydrated chicken strips. Yum!
97. I love my Furminator, even though it doesn't take a whole lot of my fur. (I don't shed much.)
98. I can't wait for summer so that I can get my pool filled.
99. I become entraced when I hear my mama's heart beat.
100. Patches and I are best friends, and brothers.

We challenge our DWB friends to come up with 100 things about them too! (Some of your pawrents have already participated!) BTW - this took me 3 days to complete.


Petra said...

oh my dog, I can't even count to 10 and you named 100 things!!!

I think you are destined to be famous because you have a white LIGHTNING mark on you --- just like Harry Potter.

Lady Kaos said...

I love when you post pictures! Your 2 are so cute!! I'll try the 100 things, but it might take me awhile. Mom still calls us her puppies even though I'm 3 and Sasha is 4. My Mom said she called her dog that she grew up with puppy and that dog lived to be 15 years old!

Maggie & Mitch said...

Wow! I bet it did take you 3 days! That's a lot of interesting facts, guys!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch


it's me Mona

me wants ya to come over and tell me what breed Copper is

bet ya can't guess!!

Amber-Mae said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better but HOLLY MOTHER OF DOG!!! I couldn't even finish reading the whole list becoz I was already getting confused & kept on reading the same thing again & again. I can't count!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Poppy said...

Wow, those are some cool facts! I can't believe Patches likes lettuce. That's just about the only vegetable I DON'T like!


CoCo said...

Sparky, I loved reading your 100. I came up with 100 too! My revolves around eating! You and Patches are definitely best buds!

CoCo Puff