Friday, October 19, 2007


My name is Patches, and I'm a digger. But, it's totally not my fault...I learned it from watching Sparky!

Yep, that's right, we both like to burrow ourselves under the covers. Sometimes, when I feel especially needy, I'll wake up at 4:00AM crying and yelping and mama will come and let me out of my kennel and cuddle me on the couch under whatever blanket she drags out with her. I especially like the down comforter because it cradles all of my manly curves.

When we are allowed to sleep in the big bed, both Sparky and I nose our way down to mama's feet and chill out there the whole night, poking our noses out occasionally, to breath some fresh air. Sometimes mama gets nervous, and fluffs the blankets so we don't suffocate - but truth be told, we like the stuffy warmth.

It doesn't matter what I'm doing...if a human pulls a blanket out, I will worm my way under it and take a little nap!


Poppy said...

I am just the same way, Patches! And if I can't find a blanket, I'll just shove my nose into someone's armpit. I try to get in deep enough so that my eyes are covered too.


Amber-Mae said...

Oh, I don't dig. My hooman M always forces me to sleep on the bed or sheets so that I won't get cold from lying on the cold floor but the truth, I like cold floor! I cannot stand warmness or sleeping too close to my hoomans. Too hot! But I like that pic of you, you look adorable & so innocent.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Preston said...

hello! patches, I love blankies too! I always started my night-night under the cover then I get too warm and crawl out, then feel longly and crawl back in..just in and out of the cover a few times every night. sometimes I would have a hard time getting back in because I was still half-asleep so I had to wake mommy up so she could lift the comforter..hee..


Suki & Joey said...

What a sweet picture, Patches. You are soooo adorable, I could just squish you up and kiss you! :)

I like to dig, too. I'll dig, dig, dig in the blankies furever if my Mom would let me, but she seems to think I'll put a hole in her precious feathery blanket!

Puggy kisses

Tadpole said...

PATCHES! I do the same thing! :-) Except that I get to sleep in bed with my girl... you should work on that; it's GREAT!

Toby said...

Aww Patches, You look so cute all snuggled in the blankets! I go all the way to the bottom too. Its so warm and comfy down there. My mommy worries about me not getting enough air under there too and is always checking on me! I tell her to stop cause shes letting the cold air in..Geez! they just don't get it!

Love Toby

Clover said...

Hey Cutie-Patches!
Me too, I am a digger. I love to dig on the bed and on pillows. Blankets are so great for snuggling on!!
Love Clover xo

Oliver the Puggle said...

Oooooooo, so spoiled!

Stanley said...


You really DO have some manly curves. I love blankies of all types too, but I want them all to myself.

My sissy Stella is a lot like you ~ she likes to dig & dig & dig & dig until she's under the covers, then she wriggles her way out and starts digging all over again.

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