Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pitt Bull update

Sparky's mama here....

I just wanted to give a quick update regarding the Pitt Bull situation. Unfortunately, calling the police and animal control on the owner has done not a bit of good. Only one day after the "attack," Nathan (Sparky's pop) was cornered again in the camper he was cleaning out in front of the house. He called the police a second time on his cell phone - and the officer who came encouraged him to go to the station and fill out a report that they will read at the owner's court hearing later this month.

Then, when I took Sparky out for a potty break yesterday, the Pitt Bulls were once again in our backyard! Luckily, they did not see Sparky or myself - as they were napping and sunbathing...I can't imagine what I would've done. I am not as nimble as Nathan to be able to jump onto the wood pile! Plus, I had flip flops on. I called the police - marking our third call, and asked them how many more incidents it would take before action is finally taken...apparently, it is 5. (Don't even get me started about how angry I am at the police and animal control! There are children on our street!)

Someone mentioned bear mace (Ferndoggle, was that you?) - where do I find such a thing? If I do find the dogs again, and they start to attack, and I spray them - will I be held liable? I am so scared to go outside alone with Sparky now! I've already instructed Nathan, and my mother, to sue the Schenectady Police Department, Animal Control and the owner if something happens to me.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/ideas.

Kat, Sparky's mama


Spencer said...

Be very careful when you go out Sparky, we've been in that situation and it is very scary! You are a very cute puppy and we're blogrolling you back...we love new puppies. Woof!

Tadpole said...

Oh man... how frustrating... and nerve-racking!

I wouldn't *think* you would be held responsible for spraying them - especially since it would be done in self-defense! Best of luck to you - and Sparky and Nathan too!

Maggie said...

This is so scary and so unfair! We're sending Aire-Zen hoping this problem is resolved FAST!!!!
Be very careful, okay?!

Love ya lots,

very_vizsla said...

what a crappy situation! if you need bear mace, you can buy it at a camping supplies store.

Toby said...

Sorry to hear about the pit situation you're having. I would be very very careful (even if you do have bear mace). You would have to get close enough to them to spray them...and that might put you in a lot of danger (being that close).

Stay safe, k?


Teresa said...

I'm not sure about where you live, but here if another dog comes on your property and you maced them, you would not be held liable. It doesn't really harm them....just renders them helpless long enough for you to get away. Andy's has to mace more than one dog in his profession.

I hope you get a solution to this problem quickly!

ToFFee said...

Oh my! those dogs should be kept in a kennel! bad dogs! They are not nicey nicey like us!

They should be in your pawperty either!

Ask dog cathers to take them away. the hoomans don't care about them.. letting them loose like that!

Be very careful.. they might attack you. We had back at home they use to have pitbull for fights.. so they are very ferocious!


Sparky said...

Sounds like those pit bulls need a good, very very loving home. When no one really cares for them, that's what makes them really fierce, because they've never experienced love. :(

Stay safe, okay?


Maggie said...

Thank you for nominating me at the BoneZone Sparky! I appreciate it!

Love ya lots,

Nugget said...

Be careful Sparky, I don't know what else to tell you, the bear mace sounds good, or how about a baseball bat. It's not fair you have to worry about going into your own yard! Hoomans make me wonder sometimes!

Suki said...

Oh my gosh, that is terrible! Ok, first off, Sparky, make sure you NEVER go out without your mom and dad because, I'm sorry, but you're no match for those pitts.

No, you would not be liable. Your dad could even probably shoot the dogs (not that he would, I'm just saying) and nothing would happen to him I bet, since your mom and dad have already filed so many complaints, and if your any of your lives were in danger, there's no way any of you would be in trouble. But your mom should ask the stoopid animal control people what they suggest she do if they try to attack again.
Be careful, Sparky. Those pittbulls really scare me. I don't like them.

Puggy kisses

Balboa said...

OH NO, that is a terrible situation. We are worried for you, please all be careful. I bet those doggies would be nice and loving if they had a NORMAL HUMAN DADDY. One stupid human can hurt so many animals

Frenchie Snorts

Bella the Boxer said...

I can't even imagine how scary it would be! You can buy bear spray on the Internet, but they won't ship to NY or MA. Have you checked a camping supply store? How about another type of aerosol, something that would temporarily disable them so you can run to safety? Stay safe, Sparky!

xoxo - Bella

mauser*girl said...

Check your county laws first.

Many places have an Animal Trespassing Law on the books. If yours does, fill out the form and give it to the idiot whose dogs are running loose and coming onto your property. File a copy with animal control and the police.

In my county, if you have given notice using that form, police or animal control can (and will) ticket the person whose animals are trespassing if you call them after having filed said paper.

Also look into dangerous dog laws in your area. Obviously, if these dogs are attacking YOU (humans), there is cause for concern. If the police or animal control refuse to respond, GO TO THE NEWS. The media loves a good story about idiot people letting their dangerous dogs run about willy-nilly, and the impact that kind of story can have ...

As for the bear mace, the stuff is called Bear Guard and is a type of pepper spray originally designed to ward off bears.

You will want to check your local laws first. Some states and cities do not allow citizens to own and carry pepper spray / mace, and in some places you have to register it with the police. (Washington, DC comes to mind.) So check that out first.

If it's legal where you're at, I would try a local gun shop first. They often carry non-gun self-defense stuff like mace / pepper spray in various sizes, and can also advise you what kind to get for your situation. In some places, Wal Mart carries it as well.