Sunday, May 27, 2007

My "Twin"

My mama tells me I'm so cute, almost every single day - so when I asked her which celebrity I looked like, she found this guy!

Don Knotts!

This is not good, my pup friends. I think I may need to find a surgeon to "Brad Pitt" me up.


Maggie said...

hahahaha That's very good Sparky! Twinsies!!!

Love ya lots,

Bella the Boxer said...

My celebrity look-alike is no prize, either!! (You are way cuter than Don Knotts).

xoxo - Bella

Tadpole said...

I think it's just the picture, Sparky.... Must be.


Dory and Liza said...

Oh Sparky - this made us laugh outloud!! How funny - great celeb look alike.

We also love your list - it has to be great to have your humans back home where they belong!! Mom says to tell you we will be in NY visiting Gramma around June 18th.


wally said...

No way! Don Knotts was great!