Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We're home!!!

My parents are finally back from their vacation - and let me tell everypup...they smelt so strange. I think they may have cheated on me! Or, maybe it was because they spent 13 hours in LAX airport, before their red eye flight back to NY. Whatever the reason, I don't care!!! Because they are home!!!!! And, brought me TREATS!

Check out this amazing cache of goodies!

Thankfully, I didn't have to wait long to get a cookie.

I had a fine time at my Auntie's - and I learned a brand new trick. My mama let my Auntie borrow my baby gates, to keep me contained...but I learned how to hop over the gate! It was quite easy actually. I just needed to get a running start! I haven't tried my new trick at home though - mainly because there is no room in our 'partment to get that running start.

The one thing that was very hard, is that one of my cousins - the girl one named Kelsey - was scared of me. On the second night, I escaped out of my Auntie's room, and snuck into Kelsey's room and slept right at her feet. You can only imagine her surprise when she woke up in the morning! After that, I followed her around everywhere...and stole her spot on the couch whenever she got up! I don't think she is as scared anymore.

I did miss my mama terribly though...and decided to revolt by refusing to sleep through the night. I got up every morning at 4:30am and howled right into my Auntie's ear. I know this was a naughty thing to do, but I am hoping that the next time my mama and pop leave, my Auntie will not want to take me again, and I will have to join my parents on their vacation!


Lady Kaos said...

Welcome back Sparky! I missed you! It looks like they felt really guilty for leaving you for so long with all those treats! Just don't eat them all at once!

Maggie said...

You got lots of good lookin' stuff there Sparky!
I'm guessing that you'll be trying to jump the gate at home to surprise your mom! hehehehehe

Love ya lots,

Ferndoggle said...

Way to go Sparky! That'll teach them to leave you next time!


Sparky said...

Hi Sparky! Nice to meet you. I am also Sparky. :)


Tadpole said...

Oh, that's a VERY good plan to join your parents next time! And I'm so glad you're back! And WOW you got some good stuff there!

Oh - my girl got Fig's collar at Target for $2.99. Can you believe it?!

Bruin said...

Welcome back! You got some great looking treats!

Sophie Brador said...

That looks like some fancy cookie Sparky!

Suki said...

Welcome back, Sparky's parents! Hope you had a great trip :)

I missed you, Sparky, and I'm glad you can blog again!

Puggy kisses

Dory and Liza said...

We are so glad you folks made it back!! First a confession - we tagged you to share 8 facts about yourself!! Second - we saw your post over on Charlie's blog and I am starting a campaign to have you designated as an honorary "LAB"!!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend with your humans!! (and no fence jumping)

Love, Dory