Monday, July 2, 2007


Just when you think life is getting boring, the humans change it up a little!

On Friday night, my mama came home from work, packed me up and ushered me into the car for a trip to my Mema's house. Lucky for me she forgot my kibble for dinner, so I had to eat human food! It was so good - I had a hotdog, a half of a potato and some slices of zucchini. I licked my bowl clean. After dinner, everyone went for a walk to the park.

Instead of walking through the park, all of the humans set up blankets and chairs and just sat around. I was perplexed! Then, it started to get dark...and loud booms rang out while bright lights filled the sky! Mama called them "fireworks." (My mama thinks it's funny that our town does 4th of July fireworks in June.)

Everydog! Don't be scared if your humans drag you to the's a great way to get some extra treats, if you play your cards right. Whenever I got a little nervous, my mama or pop would pull a biscuit out of a baggie, and give it to me. Even though I wasn't scared at all, I pretended to be, just so I could get more treats! I think my mama was on to my grand plan - but she totally continued to play along.


Maggie said...

How wonderful that your mom forgot your kibble at home! You must have been so psyched! hehehehehe
Now about these fireworks! hummmmm If my mom brought me to a display I would think that she hated me! I'm scared to death of them! I'm glad you're okay with them though!

Love ya lots,

Spencer said...

Hi Sparky! You are so right about the fireworks, because there's usually a BBQ that day too, lots of goodies for dogs, especially if there are little kids around to drop burgers...hee....heee.

Lady Kaos said...

We can see the fireworks from our house! Sasha and I stay inside though. I think I'd be okay outside with the fireworks, but Sasha's terrified of fireworks so I protect her. (She had fireworks thrown at her when she was little and is still terrified of the noise they make.)

Bella the Boxer said...

Thanks for the reassurance, Sparky. We're going to see fireworks tomorrow night and now I know not to be scared (although, maybe I'll pretend to be scared so Mom will feed me more treats). Happy Fourth!

xoxo - Bella

Dory and Liza said...

Sparky -

I am so jealous, our fireworks got cancel cause of all the rain - those looked very pretty!