Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Humans are gross creatures indeed

I am amazed at the noises and smells that come out of my humans. They both intrigue me to the max! My dad burps (a lot) and blows the smell into my face - which I then try to eat! It's almost as good as stalking the cutting board in the kitchen for fallen morsels of goodness that my mama forgets about. Just last night my humans had a rice and bean dish, and I could smell every single ingredient in my dad's breath.

I also like to follow my mama into the bathroom every time she goes. I don't know why I have to outside to tinkle, and she gets to sit on a pretty pedistal. It just doesn't seem fair! I love to sit on the fuzzy bathroom rug and listen to the pretty music my mama makes. Sometimes it seems like things are slowing down, so I leave - but then a trumpet blows and brings me back for an encore!

Lately though, certain smells have been coming from my own backside - - usually between the hours of 9 and 10 PM. Mama thinks it may be time for a change in my puppy food. Believe me, it is BAD. This stink certainly will not help me with the ladies.

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daionara said...

Gosh Sparks, you don't give your Mom much privacy do you? Don't worry about the toots scaring off your bitches though. The de-nutting will take care of that.