Monday, February 19, 2007

The Toothfairie came!

I am such a growing puppy!

The other day, while chewing on one of my favorite toys (mama spreads some yummy - and bacteria free! - peanut butter on it!) I felt a slight twing in my gums. I only paid a moments notice, then went back to my business of chew-chewin'. After I was done, I looked down and saw 3 of my pearly whites, just laying on floor!

I guess I really didn't need them.

I showed my mama, and she immediately laid me on my back and stuck her fingers all up inside my mouth poking at my remaining chompers. Dad then said that I have to stop playing such agressive games of tug-of-war, or else I will start to look like a toothless hillbilly!

I snuck the teeth under my bed pillow - and the toothfairie left me a bisquit! Score! I'm really excited because I have at least 4 more loose teeth!

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