Monday, February 12, 2007

Morning Routine

Besides the whole poop, pee, eat thing that I do every morning, I have gotten into the habit of messing with my mama's shower. I know this is the only time she has to herself now that I am in her life, but I just can't help myself. I love the water! Usually, I just sit on the bathmat and wait for her to open the curtain so I can lick the water off of her toes, and sometimes I push my nose up between the fabric curtain and the liner and just stare at her. This morning, I found out that I can jump into the bathtub without much effort! For the longest time, I thought I was too small and my legs were too weak...but I am a big boy now, and I can easily clear that porcelain barrier.

I have never seen my mama so impressed! She jumped (for joy!) and screamed (in glee!) when I made my suprise appearance. Tomorrow I will pull my new stunt again...this is more fun than taking boogie tissues out of the trashcan!


Bella the Boxer said...

Oohhh, you're cute! Welcome to the dog blogosphere, it's lot of fun. I hear that upstate NY is very nice, since my Mom is originally from around there. Hope you don't have too much snow, that makes potty training a real pain!

xoxo - Bella the Boxer

Skyler said...

Ohhh you like the water? Really? *Shudder* I don't like it and my Momma always teases me by aiming the shower sprayer at the glass door. I run away. Water is bad! Cept for drinking.