Friday, February 16, 2007

It's all about the poop

This blizzard has certainly thrown me for a loop. My special poop place is now under 28 inches of packed powder, and my little legs are not long enough to help me out. I did manage to hold it all day - until it was time for bed...then I could not hold it in any longer. Mama calls that "hedge-hogging." (Mama was very pleased that I did not make an "accident" in the house, and I got several treats for my grand effort!)

I went in the street. Granted, I would've preferred the comfort and privacy of my yard (or the neighbor's yard, depending on my mood) - - but you have to do what you have to do. Pooping in the street is actually quite fun! You kinda have to do it fast, because of the cars and what-not, and because Mama didn't want to be a human bullseye with all those crazy drivers out there. But, it was either there, or our front porch...and I gotta keep my territory marked!

In other news - Mama and Pop decided that it would be a blast to throw me into the deep end of the snowbank to see if I would float. I did. Then, gave them a dirty look. Ruffin' nincumpoops!


Stefania said...

Cant stand the cuteness.

daionara said...

Sorry Sparky. We humans sometimes have to do that sort of thing. It's fun.