Thursday, March 1, 2007

The elusive dog park

Last night, mama came home - went immediately to the bathroom, changed her clothes and came running to my pup kennel! She was a tornado! She unlocked my kennel and bundled herself all up, and led me outside. I had no idea why she was buggin', but after my usual pee'scapade, she brought me over to the car. I looooooooooooove car rides, even though I am a very naughty puppy when riding in a car. (I drive too - see my pic below for evidence.)

We drove through the town a little, and mama kept muttering about "the sun going down" and "gotta find it" and "Sparky, SIT DOWN!" I started to get excited when we entered the park! I've never been to a park - but I've read about it on other blogs...and it looks like a really cool place, in the summertime. But, it's winter (in case you need reminding) and it's too cold for little pups like me - but mama had a plan.

Then, I felt it. Poop! Right at the hole! I started to cry a little. Mama must've thought that I was just being naughty ('cause I am really naughty) and told me to stop. She just didn't understand. I finally had to get up and wave my butt in her face - and when I did, she managed to find a place to park just in a nick of soon as my hind legs hit the pavement, I squatted. Close call!!! I laughed a little when mama bent over to pick it up with a baggie, because it was a stinky one!

We never did find the dog park - but I'm sure we will try again this weekend. It's supposed to be by the tennis courts, but we walked a little and didn't see it. Maybe it was too dark by the time we parked. Or, maybe we need a map.

Regardless, I was very tired when I got home. Riding in the car expells so much of my energy. Luckily, my mama's lap is so comfy! Look at me...I can't even keep my eyes open. Pathetic!


Jackie The Puggle said...

You are my twin! I knew I had a brother that looked exactly like me. But I never get to drive. I want to drive and I could probably do a better job than they do, but they won't let me.
I do get to go to parks all the time. And about the food thing. They put me on a specal diet. We have to go to the vet's to get it. Duck and potato, boy is it good.

Abby the Pup said...

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. My family will be posting a picture of the hole in the fence soon. Buster can come and play with me whenever he wants now. I on the other hand am to big to get to his yard.

Your pictures look like you have blue eyes. Do you?