Thursday, March 15, 2007

Progress Report #2

I was so angry at my mama yesterday! I had to get 3 shots yesterday - and she didn't even stay with me to make sure that I was OK! (I milked my pain for all it was worth when she finally did pick me up - not to worry.) Luckily my vet, and her helpers, all thought I was super cute - so they played with me all day long and kept me nice and busy. I was their little helper!

Later that evening was my second obedience class. I totally ruled the class! Last week I was very hyper and just wanted to play with all the other doggies in the roped off area. This week, I knew those fools already and just wanted to show off all my skilz! My mama is sick (throat issues), but she used a lot of the hand signals that we practiced, so she didn't even have to use her voice. My teacher was very surprised that I know how to sit, lay down and stay without being told - and without needing a treat. Instead of Max being the go-to guy...I was.

Even though I was a little miffed at my mama earlier, she made it all better when she brought me a special treat to train with - - - - HOT DOGS! My most favorite treat in the whole world! They made her fingers smell super good too! All the other dogs had regular treats to train with - and they didn't pay as much attention to their humans as I did.

And, Henry didn't hump me one single time! He did try a couple of times though, and was reprimanded right away. Mama spoke to the instructor beforehand, and told her that Henry was mounting me and that she didn't like it (neither did I!), and my teacher kept one eye glued to Henry throughout the night.

We also practiced walking. Now, I am a good walker - but not in the way that my instructor wants me to be taught. She wants me to stay at my mama's side, and I am no longer allowed to sniff the yellow snow anymore. I don't know how fun walking is going to be with this new method!


Nanook The Newfoundland said...

I am proud of you for doing so well in class Sparky!

Life with Ozzy said...

Mom says there are some pretty awesome stairs and rugs and well she's not sure about dog bones but then again that's not her thing. Thanks for visitng my blog that was very nice of you. Take care.

Wirey hugs,

Suki said...

Hey Sparky,
I didn't really mean anything bad about puggles, really. I was just having a "random thoughts" kind of day and was pondering your breed, that's all :)

I actually think you're super cute! You seem like a cool puppy. Good job in puppy class! I know it's hard to walk at your mommy's side; I go to class, too, at Petsmart. I am really good there, but in the real world I pull a lot.

Puggy kisses xoxo

scubee said...

mmmMmmmm hot dogs...they are SOoOOooO good! I used to get them a lot when we did training. I know what you mean about the walking thing...people just don't understand how much there is to sniff down here. If they did, they'd be running around sniffing everything too!


Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi Sparky
Sounds like you are doing well at school. Let us know how they are managing to get you to walk next to your mum and not be out front sniffing everything including the yellow snow!! We have a lot of trouble with the old noses to the ground all the time!
Jazz and Dixie

mauser*girl said...

Now that sounds like a great class! :)

Good that your mom also addressed the humping issue in class. I'm sure it's so much better than before.