Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Veggie Doggie

My mama made some quiche last night, and accidently dropped a piece of asparagus on the floor. Being the helper that I am, I picked it up for her and disposed of it! How come no one told me how YUMMY asparagus was?!
Mama just stood and stared at me. After I polished off the first spear, she gave me a couple more...then packaged up the rest of them and hid them in that mean old fridge that I can not open for the life of me! I hope that I can guilt her into giving me a couple tonight with my dinner.

It's very important that you sniff all of your vegetables before you take a big bite. Don't you all say anything about my cross eyes in this picture! Ruff, ruff!

Sometimes, when you don't have opposing thumbs, your food goes up your nose!
They taste really good! Honest! And, they are kinda fun to play with.


scubee said...

sooooooo good...mmmmm, I wish I had some asparagus right now. I agree about the fridge'd think we'd have evolved by now to have opposable thumbs so we could open those things. Even though one of my paws goes out to the side, it seems to only help for digging and not for opening the fridge.


Suki said...

Hey, those look cool! I have only tried carrots and I really like them.

I would never make fun of your crossed eyes! You are part pug, after all, and we have to stick together, right?
Puggy kisses

Ike's life said...

My grandma's dogs love asparagus too. Do dogs get asparagus pee?

Nuggy's Mum said...

Hi Sparky, You are the cutest! (besides me of course) You have to be sneaky to score the hooman food.

Skyler and Jesse said...

Sparagus? No no no, not for dis here doxie! I like carrots though!

Charlie said...

Veggies are great. My mom always gives me the ends when she snaps them off the asparagus!
- Charlie