Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Walking Nicely thru Puddles

Did you know that when the snow melts, it creates humongous puddles!?!?! There is nothing more fun that stomping in a puddle - with two feet! The water splashes on your tummy and your chin - and if you aim right, it was splash your human too! (I overheard my mama talk about how I attack puddles like a human 3 year old would!)

My "cousin" came on our walk yesterday. Since, I am staying at his house when my mama and pop go on vacation in May, I decided that he should practice walking me on my leash. He did alright, for a newbie. Of course, I let him off easy - listening to his commands and not pulling too much. Look how slack I am keeping my leash!

I was rewarded with some yummy treats for being such a good boy!


Bella the Boxer said...

Wow, you walk so nicely on a leash! My Mom's jealous...there's never much slack in my leash when we go for a walk. I also hate puddles and will do anything to avoid getting my little toes wet.

xoxo - Bella

Ferndoggle said...

Ditto what Bella said! Very nice leash manners! I walk pretty nice too, but that's cuz Mom makes me wear stupid head gear. My brother Sherman is old so he rarely pull too. But that Penny...boy she's always getting in trouble for pulling (& sometimes Mom is really mean & puts a pinchy collar on her!)

Thanks for stopping by & paying us a visit. Come back soon!!

Lola the little white Diva Boxer
(who also hates getting her precious toes wet!)

Tadpole said...

Oh my goodness, Sparky! I won't go NEAR puddles! I won't even walk on wet grass!! You sure are a brave boy....

Cashew said...

Hi Sparky,

Thanks for visting my blog. I visited yours and think you're really cute. Too bad we're both boys, well, sorta still boys (I had my "surgery" a few months ago). I love mudd! My dog walker takes me (and four other dogs) to the dog park everyday. Me and my best friend Colter (the Yorkie) play in the mudd everyday. I get really wet and dirty, so Mom makes me wear my rain suit. I hate it, but Mom says it keeps me dry and clean. I cant wait 'till the ground dries up and I don't have to look like nerd anymore!

Lot's O' licks!

Nanook The Newfoundland said...

ha ha! You have been one super busy puppy Sparky! I love it!

Skyler and Jesse said...

(Skyler says...)
Sparky, stop walkin' so nice on the leash, yer making me look bad!