Monday, March 5, 2007

The longest walk...ever!

It was 45 degrees out on Saturday, so after my mama came home from work (on the weekend! She should get a raise!), she decided that we would be going for a walk! I was so excited, because I just love walks. They allow me to sniff out all the doggies that live in my 'hood, and let me mark a little bit of territory. (I wish I knew how to mark like a boy though)

Walks are so enjoyable, but why did my mama have to torture me with another darn sweater?! My grandma bought me this particular sweater when I was first brought home, but it was too big on me - it covered my boy parts, and I peed on it the first time I wore it. Now, it's a little on the small'ish side. Thank goodness it will be retired soon! Oh, well...I got past the humiliation after a couple of blocks. I must admit, I do rock the color blue.

Like most of my mama's best laid plans - this walk thing didn't exactly go as planned. First of all, those 28 inches of snow we got are now melting, which is good. But, in some areas, the melting snow made puddles that were as deep as my elbows, and that is anything BUT good! In fact, that was very, very bad. Plus, because we live in the not-so-good-part-of-town, not a lot of residents shovel their walkways, which then forced us to walk in the street. I am not a very good street walker. (LOLruff!)

Can you believe that we walked a little over 4 miles in total?!?!?! My little puppy legs got quite a workout. Luckily, we made a lot of stops to smell the pine trees along the way. I also got to look over the bridge walking path, and take a nice long gander at the frozen Mohawk River. That gave me butterflies!

About half-way to our destination, mama decided to take off my stupid sweater, because it was soaking wet and very, very muddy. I practically howled in joy! I noticed she didn't chuck it though...

Guess what happened when I got home? Yep - a bath! I like the water, so it was no big deal. I smell like a rose garden and everyone wants to cuddle me!

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scubee said...

Hey Sparky, you just need to find the right sweater...I love wearing them. I have two hoodies and one argyle v-neck sweater. I find they help me to relax when I'm stressed out. You need to find some without the frilly stuff though...or some cool t-shirts. I know what you mean about when they're a bit too long...I did have that same problem with one of them.

I also have this cool rain jacket I wear when it's really wet outside because I get kinda cold when it's raining.