Sunday, April 29, 2007

10 Things (you may not know) About Me

My pup friend Suki had this idea on her blog, so I thought I'd play along and tell all my friends 10 things about me that they probably do not know!

1. I dig through the garbage to find used kleenex. So may think that is gross - but it is actually really tasty. I'm sure that I am getting 100% of the vitamins and minerals I need in a day. (If the bathroom garbage is empty, I always head off to my pop's office, because I can always find yummy things in there!)

2. The tips of my ears fall into my water dish when I take a drink.

3. I do what is called "the 360 degree poop." As soon as I let one drop, I turn myself around (while still squatting) to smell it, then finish leaving a complete circle of turds. Mama's note: this is so strange, and very dangerous...there are minefields all over the yard!

4. I can not jump onto my mama and pop's bed.

5. Whenever anyone eats in front of me, I bark at them, because they refuse to share. I am then placed in my kennel until food-time is over, where I whine for a minute, then fall asleep.

6. If I am lucky enough to sleep in my parent's bed (played all day and am super tired), I have to lick my pop's legs for at least 10 minutes before I will fall asleep. It's always my pop - I like the salty taste and texture of his hairy legs!

7. I will not lay on the ground (like a dog) to rest. I will climb up on the couch, or preferably, on a lap - but I will never choose the floor.

8. Whenever the phone rings, I drop what I am doing to help my mama answer it!

9. If my parent's give me a new food item to try - like a piece of popcorn - I will attack it, until I feel safe!

10. I sometimes step in old poo and don't tell my parents, then touch their faces with my paws!


Kay & Pearly said...

Lol.... something in common with Pearly!

Maggie said...

A 360 degree poop?! Can you take a video? I gotta see this!

Love ya lots,

Tadpole said...

Aha ha ha! #3!!! And you should try EATING old poo, and then KISSING their faces! It's great fun!

Suki said...

I'm glad you did this too, Sparky! It's fun learning embarrassing stuff about our buds! :)

Yeah, you need to get that 360 poop on tape. I gotta see it! Heehee!

Puggy kisses

Oh, and yes, mom knows Jake has a puggle. She says he would be perfect for her if she wasn't already married and he wasn't with Reese Witherspoon...and if Jake wasn't famous (or if mom was) - I just think she's crazy!