Thursday, April 5, 2007


My mama took me aside last night and told me that I have issues. I fart. A LOT.

About two months ago, my vet lady suggested that my humans change my food, after I took a huge dump in the examination room - stinking the whole room up to high heaven. So, instead of eating Pedigree Puppy (dry), I was transitioned to Nutro Natural Choice Puppy (dry), because the later is supposed to have no fillers and be better for my digestive tract. The farting did not stop...and in fact, it has gotten worse in the past week or so. I'm actually starting to make noise like my humans sometimes do! Last night the smell actually frightened me! I looked all around trying to find the source, before realizing: it was me. I'm eating the same treats - and my "schedule" has remained the same, but the smell still lingers. And lingers. (I won't even begin to tell you how hard it is to stay in a kennel all day with only my gas to keep me company.)

(In the past, I could blame the stink on my pop, and my mama wouldn't bat an eye...but, that doesn't seem to be working any longer.)

Everypup...what do you eat? Do you get the stinks like I do? Is it just a puppy thing that I will grow out of? Should mama call the vet lady? I'm at a loss, and don't really know what to do.


Abby K9 said...

Natural Choice is a very good food - but no matter how good a food it is, not all foods work for all dogs.

There are a lot of great foods out there that my dog doesn't do well on because she is allergic to wheat - it gives her the itchies. Other dogs are very gassy on some foods.

I would talk to the vet about the gas issue, and also ask her whether switching from the puppy formula to the adult formula might be a good step. Sometimes the puppy formulas are too "rich" for some pups and they do better on the adult formula instead. Maybe switching foods altogether might work.

There are also supplements you can add to the food that help with healthy digestion and can eliminate gas, such as World Herbs for Pets Flatu-less. Most holistic pet stores carry these products, or you can order them online.

Try This is a store that's local to me and they have a lot of great herbal products.

Suki said...

*sigh* OK, Sparky, I'm going to give it to you straight: You have a pug's digestive system, not a beagle's. Sorry, but that's what it is. Us pugs have the stinkiest farts ever! Even worse than human's, my mom says.

I'm not too sure about the noise factor, though. Mine are usually SBD's. Hehehehe. If you decide to switch to a different food, you should try Natural Balance. I think I've helped convert about 5 pugs so far! LOL! It's actually a really good food and there's a couple allergy formulas so that might help.

Tell your poor mom to get used to it - such is life with a pug(gle)!

Skyler and Jesse said...

Yup, most pugs I've met have been farty too.

Nutro Natural Choice is a good food. You could try the Nutro Max Puppy or Royal Canin Puppy. But I think you're stuck with the gas dude.

Ferndoggle said...

Are you sure you're not a Boxer, Sparky?? We're known for our Odiferous-ness too. My farts are sometimes really loud & I wake my self up!

You may want to get off the puppy food if you're over 6 months. It can be a lot richer than Adult food. And if you want to stick with Nutro, try the Natural Choice Chicken & Oatmeal formula. It's pretty easy on the tummy.

In the meantime, just keep blaming your people! That's what they're there for!

Lola the little white Boxer

Lady Kaos said...

I am so glad I don't live with a pug or a boxer! I can only eat Purina. I ws just talking about that in my blog today - that's funny you brought up food.
Get a respirator for your crate. My Dad uses one in the garage a lot. I think it's because he farts a lot in the garage and it seems to help him.
Good luck!

Sophie Brador said...

hmmmm. Maybe it's corn.

Bella the Boxer said...

Lola's right...we Boxers have the same kind of problem. I have been eating Canidae which is very good, but doesn't eliminate the problem entirely. I guess that's why Mom & Dad crank up their air purifier!!

xoxo - Bella

Nanook The Newfoundland said...

I, Nanook, have never farted...and I eat Canidae. Never...farted. In fact, my mama had almost completely forgotten such a thing was possible until yesterday evening at dinner, when mormor's golden retriever started farting under the table. My mama's eyes nearly crossed, it was so bad! Ha roo roo!

Sparky said...

Thank you to everypup (and human) who answered! Your imput is definitely going to be taken into consideration.

I'm hoping that my mama still treats me like a puppy, even if I am changed over to real dog food.