Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Summer presents...for me!

My mama bought me a pool the other day! I am more than excited, in case you can't tell - which is hard if you are only looking at this picture. (I don't know why I sometimes have a sour puss look on my face!)

I also got a really cool pull toy, which has a hard nubby chewy on one end and a ball on the other. It's the bestest...I love it so much that I peed on it!

Doggie yoga


Maggie said...

So you're all set for those hot summer dayz Sparky!
Stay cool!

Love ya lots,

Bella the Boxer said...

Pool party at Sparky's this summer!!

xoxo - Bella

PiratesGrrl said...

I LOVE those pools! Can't wait to see pics of you swimming!

That's a super cool toy too.

Tucker & The Brat Pack

Tadpole said...

Hey Sparky - I hear those pools are better if you put water in them.... ;-)

Kt said...

Congrats on the pool! Porter can't wait to use his, either!

Lady Kaos said...

The reason you look so sad in the picture is because there's no water in your pool! I'm still trying to talk my parents in to getting one for me. If our yard had something besides dirt that turns into mud, I think they'd do it.

Nanook The Newfoundland said...

I have a pool too! Awesome!

(come visit my blog, I have news!)

Sophie Brador said...

There seems to be a very definite blue theme to all your new play things. Pools are the best, but I love the last picture of you.

Suki said...

Yes! I want a pool, too. Mom tells me it gets super hot here in Fl. during the summer. Ech. I hate the heat.

Enjoy the water, Sparky!
Puggy kisses