Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everypup and your humans!

The ears snuck up on me! My mama tried to tell me that I, Sparky the Puggle, was the Easter Bunny, but I was not having it.

Hey tongue matches the ears.

Then, she transfered the bunny ears to my doggie basket! (Hey pups - that basket is filled with treats and toys!!!! I like this holiday the bestest!)

Afterwards, I started to get a little frisky, and decided to destroy the ears, so they wouldn't sneak up on me again.


wally said...

Hi Sparky--I saw your picture over on the Dogs of Jackman Ave and dude, you look like a smaller version of me! I already love you.


Suki said...

Good idea tearing up those ears, Sparky. You know your mom would put them back on you for some more pics. Why do they think it's so funny?

Puggy kisses

scubee said...

What a great use for those ears!

I'm jealous about your doggy basket -- my people told me that if I want an easter treat, I need to chase down the bunny terrorising the neighbours' garden for myself. (Which might not be such a problem if they would let me off the leash to chase it down...)

Sophie Brador said...

Sparky! Does anyone ever call you spark plug? Or spark pug? Or speak beagle pug? Okay, that one doesn't work so well. But I kinda like those bunny ears. All you need is the poofy tail and you're set for a party.

Lady Kaos said...

Good idea to destroy the ears. You don't want them to come back to haunt you like that pesky hair clip monster at my house!

Tadpole said...

Aha ha ha! Sparky, you look slightly disgruntled in the second picture! Pesky bunny ears... good on ya for terminating them!