Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I finally got to meet him!

Mama and Pop took me to meet my new brother last night, and I have to say - I will never be able to sleep in again! Oh, wait...that's what my mama said!

This puppy totally loves me. He followed me around everywhere. Everytime I stopped to smell something, he stopped to take a sniff. And don't be fooled by his small frame, he is one tough dude! We played for a good hour, running and jumping and playing bitey face (finally!), and kissing each other's ears. At one point, he picked up my leash in his mouth and tried to walk me! I was like "Ruff, ruff boy! You're not my mama!" It was the perfect photo opportunity, but someone forgot to take the camera. I'm gonna hafta talk to him though, because when my mama said "Come here Sparky," he came too! My parents are going to have to give him a name pronto, because he can't have mine!

BTW - the top contenders are: Astro, Coment, Patches and Hercules. I want to name him Piggy Ear, which is what I got for being such a big boy during our play time.


Tadpole said...

AAACK! How exciting!!! Do you like him as much as he likes you?!?! Oh, you're going to be BEST friends!!! YAY!!! I think I might be as excited as YOU!!! Post some pictures of you guys soon, PLEASE!!

Balboa & Mommy said...

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO. I am so glad you and him are getting along. Yeah!!!!!!! I'm with Tad, I wanna see pics real soon!!!!!

OOOH, I like Patches, cause it goes well with Sparky. hee hee

Frenchie Snorts

Sparky said...

He sounds great! I'm glad you 2 like each other! I think I like the name Astro best, but I really can't choose. Post some pictures soon please!


Maggie said...

Mitch still grabs my leash and walks me! I think you're in for the long haul Sparky! I can't wait to see pictures!

Love ya lots,

Clover said...

Yay Sparky! Sounds like you had so much fun. He sounds so cute, following you around...Let's see. Mommy and I looked at his picture again and we think that Patches suits him - and our second choice is Astro. Keep us posted! :)
Love Clover xo

Poppy said...

My vote is for Patches. Because then you can call him Patchy. It's hard to put -y after Astro or Comet. Plus, his coloring is all's perfect! Can't wait to see pictures of the two of you together!


Jenna said...

Hey Sparkster...just wanted to let you know there's a shin-dig going on at my house on Sept 2. I'm not sure what time, but I wanted to give you the heads up. You can bring your new brother bear and the humans too!! If you can't make it let me know so we can play before I bon voyage across the sea. Can't wait to see you!


PS...Patches is a super cute name for your little bro, but if He's named Astro you can totally get away with calling him Ass... :o)

Suki said...

Oh my goodness, Sparky, he is SO CUTE!!! Now my Mom wants one!! :)

I like the names Patches, too. You guys are gonna be great brothers!

Puggy kisses

Ruby Bleu said...

I like Astro! I'm so happy you had fun playing together...when does he come home to stay for good?

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Suki Sumo said...

I like Patches too. Patch-a-ROO-ROO! Cause he's half beagle like you. I'm excited to see pictures of you together!

Preston said...

Sparky, Are you going to love your brother more than you love your mommy?? My mommy said she was worried I would love my mommy and daddy less if I had a brother. but I don't think I will.


Seadra & Zoe said...

Oh please!!! We want to see pictures soon. We bet you are having so much fun that you don't even have time to blog. We'll be checking back soon.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Stanley said...


I'm not surprised he liked you! What pup wouldn't??

Sounds like you will have a wrasslin buddy after all. I'm very excited for you!

Goob love,