Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Stair Master

First of all, I would like to apologize to my friend Mitch, who just learned to do stairs, before he went on vacation - because the following news might upset him a little. I know it upset me.

My wee little brother is going up and down the stairs now. Can you even believe it?! He's only 9 weeks old. I know it's because *I* taught him by example and all - but he is way to young to be so independent. I was 4 months old when I got the courage to tackle to stairs by myself!

Can you see the video? I'm not sure if I uploaded it right!

Speaking of stinking: The one thing that I know is frustrating to my mama is the fact that Patches poops in his kennel! I only pooped in my kennel once, and at least I had the proper state of mind to dispose of the evidence. He's had to be bathed in some fashion every single day this week! He just doesn't poop in the corner, he'll poop where he sleeps - and then he'll lay in it, and walk in it and just make a big stinky mess of himself! I'm thinking of changing his name to Poopalicious. My mama has tried everything: restricting water and food past certain times, taking him out every hour and a half, pleading with's probably that he is so young. Maybe he needs a smaller kennel? Or a colostomy bag?


Poppy said...

When I was a puppy my mommy put me in a big crate--actually an ex-pen (8 panels long, folded into a square)--with a big litter box. I did my stuff in the box because, hey, why not if it's there.


Ruby Bleu said...

Wow...Patches does great on stairs!!! Mitch IS going to be a little embarrassed I think.

As for the pooping..yikes! That sounds real messy! Good luck teaching him how not to do that Sparky!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Balboa & Mommy said...

WOW, Patches is and awesome stair climber.

OOOH Pooping in his crate, eeeewww! Maybe when your mommy takes him out and he poops she can give him LOTS AND LOTS OF PRAISE and TREATS. He might learn that pooping in a certain spot is wonderful.

Frenchie SNorts

Sparky said...

Balboa, she does that already - but this puppy is filled to the rim with poo, I swear it! He poops EVERY SINGLE TIME he goes out! I only poop once or twice a day. Sometimes he'll make a big turd outside, then come in and poop 15 minutes later. It's mind boggling.

Lady Kaos said...

Don't feel bad Sparky, Mom says my sister was almost 3 years old before she tackled stairs and that ws because that's when I was adopted and she got tired of being left behind.
My mom also says she works with a lady that is having a similar crate and potty problem. Her puppy only pees in it and it's only at night. they way they fixed it was she lets the puppy sleep with her at night now. It worked for her, but I wouldn't sugget that for everybody to try. Hope you figure something out soon though otherwise you're going to have a really yucky smelling house!

Suki Sumo said...

Oh man, I'm 16 weeks old and I still don't do stairs! Your bro has me beat there, but NOT in the poopy kennel area. I haven't done that one yet. I only poop in places that can serve as camouflage so mommy steps in it and squeals (with delight, of course).

Also maybe your brother is filled to the brim with poo because he is eating too much? Does he steal your food? He IS part beagle (err... like you). My big fat mean uncle Jakey the beagle tries to steal my food but luckily I'm the alpha and keep him in check.

Amber-Mae said...

Oh my gosh, he's sooo small but yet, he can tackle the stairs sooo easily with no probs. Maybe Mitch can learn this technique from your little brudder. He is soo smart!

And for the pooping well, I have no advice for that becoz I never did that when I was young. Hehehe! Your hooman just has to find a way to solve this stinking prob.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Roxy's mom said...

Wow. It took Roxy a long time before she wanted any thing to do with staris.

Clover said...

Awwww Patches is so cute on the stairs! I'm just ahead of Patches, and just behind Suki Sumo, 15 weeks, and I can't do stairs either... Maybe because they are hardwood.
Anyway, about the pooping - my vet (and the pet store) suggested that there only be enough space in my crate for me to lie down, stretch and turn around, so most of my crate is still blocked off for me. The only time I pooped in my crate is when I was able to jump on top of the box afterwards so I didn't have to sleep in it. Mom and dad fixed that problem now, and no accidents since. I wonder if that would help Patches?
(On a side note, the pet store said that if Mom and Dad didn't make a smaller space for me as a puppy, that I would feel claustrophobic when I get older, cause I would be bigger, but in the same space...)
Hope this helps!
Love Clover xo

Charlie dog said...

Hi Sparky

Patches may do 'cute', but I think you do 'Churchillian' superbly!!!

You could surely stand as doggy President of the USA.

If you keep your chin up you're less likely to smell the excess poop!!!!


Charlie Boy

Seadra & Zoe said...

Hi Sparky!! Oh Boy!! We think you are in trouble with that new pup going up stairs at only a few weeks old!! Just wait until he's a few months old!! He'll be flying up and down those stairs so fast you won't be able to see him. Too cute....

Give Patches some time with the poopin in the crate thing. Zoe never did that in her crate but I will admit that I did too. It just took me a little longer.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Tadpole said...

Patches must be a super-hero in disgusise, going up the steps like that without any fear! (he sure did look cute scrambling up them, though!)

I agree with Clover about the pooping - if he's pooping in his crate it's because the crate is probably too big (unless he has a medical problem that's causing it, which I seriously doubt). If your mom blocks off the back end (with a cardboard box or something) and only gives him enough room to stand, turn, and lay down, he shouldn't poop in it. As he gets bigger, she can increase the area he has access to. Let us know how he does! (By the way, I like the name Poopalicious, too!)

Tadpole said...

Oh - and if he's pooping THAT much, it might be because his food is mostly "filler" as opposed to the nutrition he really needs... but I don't know what you feed and I could very likely be totally wrong. :-) I know in adult dogs, that's the cause a lot of times.

wally said...

Hi Sparky! I could see your video and I'm really impressed with your brother's stair-master abilities! The pooping, maybe not as much! You should definitely teach him about THAT. And everyone has good advice about that.

I got the prezzie, man! Thanks! I have pictures including a big ole thank you smooch on my blogable!


Stanley said...


Definitely change his name to Mr. Poopalicious!! I love the ring of it!

I hope the pooping in the kennel thing is over soon. He's amazing on those stairs!

Goober sympathy,