Friday, August 3, 2007

Sparky, the angel

I'm like glowing from the inside out in this picture!

This was taken yesterday, eating a homemade strawberry and banana frosty paw. It was delicious!

Oh! And, see that new collar I am rockin'? Both me and my pop think it's rather girlie. What kind of boy dog wears ladybugs? The worst mama bought a leash to match as well. I think she wants me to get beat up!


Balboa & Mommy said...

Dude I agree with you, You're A MAN, NOT A GIRLY BOY.

I think you should pee all over the collar and leash and set your mommy straight.

Frenchie Snorts

Maggie said...

But it's the perfect summertime collar! I like it!

Love ya lots,

Lady Kaos said...

It has a lot of green in it, so it's not too girly. I like it a lot, but then again, I'm a girl.

Suki said...

I think you look hot in that collar, Sparky! Chicks dig a guy that's in touch with his feminine side ;)

Puggy kisses

Nugget said...

Lol... Sparky, sorry to hear about the collar! Maybe your dad can help you ditch it!

Licks, Nugget & the boys

Sparky said...

I know how you feel, with the girly collar. I had a flower one. And then a pink one. It must be a sparky thing...


Chairman Mao said...

Hiya, Sparky! My name is Chairman Mao, and I'm a Snowshoe Siamese Kitty! A real nice kitty on the Cat Blogosphere has given alla us kitties a really nice and great challenge -- to go and make a new furriend of a diff'rent species. And I'd like you to be my speshul friend of a different species, since you're a doggie and I'm a kitty!

I love that you call yurself a "puggle". My human momma thinks pugs are so cute, and the word "puggle" is great!

If you'd like to be my speshul doggie furriend, please come and leave a comment on my bloggie! I'll put a pickshure of you up at my bloggie as my speshul doggie furriend and you and me can talk and have a lotta fun togethur!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

preston said...

Hey! Sparky, My mommy made me frosty paw for the first time today. That stuff is SOOO yummy.
Don't be upset about the collar. Just put it in this is Bettles! how about that..better?

wally said...

You are truly divine!


ps. Don't tell but... I love the ladybugs.

Momo :) said...

Sparky, a homemade strawberry and banana frosty paw sounds sooooo good to me!!

Momo xoxo

Bella the Boxer said...

Sparky, maybe you are a metrosexual? That's the term used for guys who have real fashion sense. Plus, ladybugs are good luck!

xoxo - Bella