Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm not going to be a brother after all...

I'm a little sad that I will not be getting a brother, but it is probably for the best. Funny thing is, pop actually did come around, but then my mama had second thoughts! How weird is that!? I don't think my mama actually even believes it either. So, I'll be remaining an only dog for a little while longer. Maybe when we move into the house my parents are renovating, they'll rethink the whole family thing. I do want another canine to play with!

Speaking of having fun...

Yesterday on our walk, I was introduced to a sprinkler!

Some pups might be afraid of sprinklers, but I wasn't...I was super brave! I weighed my options, then decided to dive right in and cool off. It felt soooooooo good to get wet! And, the best part is - everyone in the neighborhood has one of these sprinklers, so we got a play in a bunch of them as we continued our walk.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A couple of updates!

Update #1: Yesterday, my mama, my pop and I went for a walk around the lake in the next town over - which included a stop at the ice cream parlor in the park! Guess who got to eat a vanilla ice cream cone without sharing? ME! It was the most awesomist thing every, oh my doG. My mama kinda laughed at me though, because I got ice cream all over my face...I didn't care though. If it wasn't dark, my mama would've taken a picture.

Update #2: I successfully cleared the kitchen out at my grandma's house, with one single gas bomb.

Update #3 (and the most exciting!): I might be getting a brother!!!! At the end of our walk, we ran into a couple of humans who were hanging out on their porch. Of course, they wanted to know all about me when I walked by, so my mama and pop stopped to speak to them. Turns out, they have a male puggle as well - but they are moving, and have to find a good home for him. They asked my mama if she wanted him!!!! Mama does, and I do...but pop doesn't because he has a heart of stone. Mama's working really hard on him though. He said that he would think about it, but he really doesn't want someone else's problem, when he already has a problem of his own, whatever that means. Regardless, my mama is going to bring me over to their house to meet this new puggle when she comes back from her business trip!

Now, I've actually met him before, and he's a nice dude. Much calmer that I was, that's for sure! Mama hopes that we get along off-leash as well as we did on-leash - - and that the owners are serious about giving him away. (The lady sounded like she really did want to keep him.) This new puggle is a little bit bigger than me, and a couple of months older, recently neutered and he's FAWN. (< - - - - like the picture here!) Everypup, say a little bark that pop comes around! I really think my family needs a puggle in every color.

Update #4: No sighting of the pittbulls recently, so that's good. But, our next door neighbor's son brought a pittbull puppy home this weekend...I got to meet her, and she seems OK - but still. Maybe the bad pittbulls will make friends with the good pittbull, and they won't bug me anymore.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pitt Bull update

Sparky's mama here....

I just wanted to give a quick update regarding the Pitt Bull situation. Unfortunately, calling the police and animal control on the owner has done not a bit of good. Only one day after the "attack," Nathan (Sparky's pop) was cornered again in the camper he was cleaning out in front of the house. He called the police a second time on his cell phone - and the officer who came encouraged him to go to the station and fill out a report that they will read at the owner's court hearing later this month.

Then, when I took Sparky out for a potty break yesterday, the Pitt Bulls were once again in our backyard! Luckily, they did not see Sparky or myself - as they were napping and sunbathing...I can't imagine what I would've done. I am not as nimble as Nathan to be able to jump onto the wood pile! Plus, I had flip flops on. I called the police - marking our third call, and asked them how many more incidents it would take before action is finally taken...apparently, it is 5. (Don't even get me started about how angry I am at the police and animal control! There are children on our street!)

Someone mentioned bear mace (Ferndoggle, was that you?) - where do I find such a thing? If I do find the dogs again, and they start to attack, and I spray them - will I be held liable? I am so scared to go outside alone with Sparky now! I've already instructed Nathan, and my mother, to sue the Schenectady Police Department, Animal Control and the owner if something happens to me.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/ideas.

Kat, Sparky's mama

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


My very first Puggle Playtime Video!

This is me, playing with my very favorite braided fleece rope...when suddenly, I hear something suspicious outside. Being the good guard dog that I am, all playing came to a halt, while I used all of my senses to figure out what was outside. (Was it the mean old pitt bulls? No!) My mama asked me what was going on, and I simply shook my head to let her know that all was a-ok, then resumed playing.

If you listen closely, you will hear my puggle snorts.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My baby pictures

Suki started a non-tag "suggestion" asking everypup to post a picture of themselves as a wee little puppy dog. My mama didn't find me and take me home until I was 3 months old, so I was not super small. I weighed exactly 8 pounds 2 ounces, and I was able to sit on my mama's lap without a problem.

The only problem pop never wanted a dog - - but since he's kept my mama waiting for over 7 years for a marriage proposal (she's a saint, isn't she!), she decided that one day she would get a dog. I was lucky enough to strike her fancy! This picture is the one she took the day she brought me home...before my pop even had a chance to lay eyes on me. In fact, he saw this picture before he saw me in person! I gave the camera my cutest puppy look - and the rest is history.

Now, I'm big!

I'm 9 months old, and weigh 22 pounds and 3 ounces. Not much has changed looks wise...I'm still super cute, my tail is still curly, my ears are still floppy and my chest is still white. Oh wait, the vet lady did steal my balls - but that's it. However, I can now jump up onto the couch, I know a whole slew of cool tricks, I can no longer fit into any of my awesome hiding places and I am completely potty trained!

Look how small that chair looks now against my growing self!

So...if you are reading this, and you have not posted your baby picture, now is the time to do it! (And, let me know, so I can check you out!)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Faux Frosty Paws

Mama made me frosty paws! Mama made me frosty paws!

It only took being nearly mauled for her to cave in. (please note the puppy sarcasm)


plain yogurt,
smashed banana,
a drizzle of honey,
some creamy peanut butter,
and a dog biscuit on top!

It was so good...and kept me busy for at least 15 minutes. I was even a good boy and kept my mess on the towel my mama laid down.

I'd like to thank Nanook and Pooka's mama for posting the original recipe!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My pop, the hero

Have I mentioned that I live in the 'hood? I think I have...but today was definitely the scariest day I have ever experienced.

This morning, me and my pop were attacked by two pittbulls, right in our own backyard. We're OK - but a little shaken.

I was playing with my kong in the backyard while my pop was working on his truck in the driveway...all of a sudden two pittbulls started to come up the driveway. My pop got in their way and made a lot of noise, but they really, really wanted to GET me. They were snarling and growling and showing their teeth. I was really afraid.

Pop got them to back up a couple of feet, then he scooped me up and jumped onto our giant wood pile. The pittbulls kept trying to attack us, but my pop just kept kicking them off the pile when they got too close. One of the pittbulls put a hole in his pants! My pop called 911 - and the police and animal control came in about 5 minutes. Good doG! That was the longest 5 minutes ever!

The animal control people captured the pittbulls, when the owner appeared out of no where, saying that the dogs were friendly. You know what? I'm friendly. Buddy, the mix across the street, is friendly. Those dogs were not!

The owner got 4 tickets, since New York State has pretty strict leash laws...and neither of the dogs even had a collar on, and he must appear in court. My pop called my mama who freaked out! I'm going to have to love on my pop even more, since he saved my life!

Right now, I'm just resting - counting my lucky stars.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Rub-a-dub-dub...time for me to jump in the tub

Let me start by saying that I don't mind bath time at all...sometimes I have to take drastic measures to make sure that my humans keep me groomed and clean. Like, taking a good old roll in some poop!

It all started innocent enough. Mama and I were playing fetch with my ball in the backyard...

...when all of a sudden, I smelled something different and wonderful in the grass near our blueberry bush. (Don't worry doggies - I've got that bush all scoped soon as the berries are ready, they are mine!)

Like any smart pup, I rolled.

And, rolled.

And rolled some more - and my mama was none the wiser - until I went over to her for a pat and a kiss. Suddenly, she wanted nothing to do with me!

But, I got my bath.

(Edited to add - that last picture is rated for adult dogs...but please, if you have to look, check out the cool mohawk my vet lady gave me when I was neutered! People pay big bucks to have that done.)