Thursday, March 29, 2007


This is me, trying to look mean! I'm not mean at all - I'm just acting. Truth of the matter is, I have an overbite of my lower jaw, and sometimes my jowels get caught on my teeth! Hey Hollywood - call me!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Walking Nicely thru Puddles

Did you know that when the snow melts, it creates humongous puddles!?!?! There is nothing more fun that stomping in a puddle - with two feet! The water splashes on your tummy and your chin - and if you aim right, it was splash your human too! (I overheard my mama talk about how I attack puddles like a human 3 year old would!)

My "cousin" came on our walk yesterday. Since, I am staying at his house when my mama and pop go on vacation in May, I decided that he should practice walking me on my leash. He did alright, for a newbie. Of course, I let him off easy - listening to his commands and not pulling too much. Look how slack I am keeping my leash!

I was rewarded with some yummy treats for being such a good boy!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Playin' with Pop

My mama yelled so loudly at my pop last night, I thought he would run away with his tail between his legs! You see, I'm not supposed to play rough yet (my vet lady will tell me if it's OK this Thursday when I go in for my post-op check up) - but he didn't listen to mama when she told him. And, of course, I didn't say otherwise because my pop is a lot of fun!

This is me, squeezing myself between his legs. Look my the tongue peaking out!

Don't I look scary with all those new teeth?!

My mama thinks I look possessed in this picture. Funny, weird eyes - imagine if I looked like this in real life...

The playing had to stop when pop got hurt. I think one of my well manicured nails got him. Either that, or my snaggle tooth was the culprit!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oh my doG!

In an effort to keep me from running around, my mama bought me this!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Quick Update

My mama called the vet lady today because of my hyper'ness. (My pop picked me up after my surgery yesterday, and of course didn't pay attention to the pet lady, nor asked the right questions - like, do I have to come back for a post-op check up!) The vet lady told my mama that it is BAD to be HYPER after surgery! I didn't know I was "hyper," I thought I was being "happy." Oh well.

Mama is stopping by the drug store after work, and will be picking up something called Benadryl. It's a human medicine, but the vet lady said that puppies can take it too. So, dog friends, I'm being drugged - and I have no say in the matter. The vet lady also told my mama that if the Benadryl doesn't work, then she will have to prescribe some Puppy Valium! How am I supposed to continue my puppy play when I am forced to be sleepy?!

But, the good news is that it is OK to go outside for a walk (in this beautiful Northeast Spring weather) - as long as I 1. am able to keep my incision dry, and 2. I don't run. It's going to be a terribly long weekend, I think.

Did I say life changing?

It was a breeze!

(My mama is going to help me with this post today, since I am "on" pain medication, which can sometimes make puppies loopy. BTW - my mama's name is Kat...isn't that silly? A KAT with a DOG!)

My surgery went very well yesterday...I lived to tell about it!

I overheard my vet lady talking to my mama about my smooshy pug-like snout and anesthesia - but it turned out not to be a problem after all, thanks to my beagle side! The hardest part of the whole thing was that I was not allowed to have breakfast in the morning, so my poor stomach was growling something fierce. They started off my taking my blood. Check out my super-duper vein!

It's a darn good thing that my mama was smart enough to get the insurance plan for me offered by my doctor, because the bill was ridiculous! Over $1,100 in itemized charges. Mama had to pay only $11.88 for the whole thing - medicine included! (Sparky's mama: That is so true! They probably trump up the charges, so it looks like you are saving a ton of money. I'm sure if I was paying out of pocket it would only be about $300 total.)

My recovery at home was short and sweet. Sure, I still have stitches - but looking at me last night, you would never know that I had mama keeps telling me to calm down. But, I can't! My puppyness is just too strong for me to fight! So, to keep me from jumping on every surface in the house, my mama decided to practice my training commands. You know what that means? COOKIES! (Sparky can now shake hands!) MAMA! Stop interrupting me! (Sorry Spark-a-licious.) It's OK. *lick, lick*

I know that Suki doesn't like these Old Mother Hubbard treats - but I don't think they're too bad. (I have the peanut butter ones.) Here's to you, pretty Suki! *wink, wink* (Do you have a crush on lady Suki there Sparky?) NO! (Are you sure? You talk about her all the time.) Alright...I do. But, don't tell her...I don't want her to act strange around me.

BTW - I got quite a pep talk about peeing on the couch. I promise that I won't do it again! (That's good to hear. I seriously wanted to skin you last night and turn you into a handbag, or something.) Did you know that if you dry a couch cushion in the dryer, it will shrink a little?! I didn't!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

My last bit of retaliation, before being turned into a girl

All my mama and pop did last night was talk about my surgery that is scheduled to be performed in just moments. (My vet lady is kindly letting me get in one last post!) I had to make my move, and show them just who runs this household.

So. I peed on the couch.

Yep. That's right. Peed, right on the couch. And, a lot too. My pop was even sitting right there next to me, and I think I managed to get a little pee on him too.

I know this makes me a very bad boy. In fact, I beat my humans to the dicipline, and walked calmly straight into my kennel without looking back.

Of course, I didn't think this through completely - because now, I am not allowed on the couch at all. But you know what? I don't want to sit on something that only has one cushion now anyway! Do you know how long it takes for a cushion to dry? A very long time I'm guessing.

Hopefully, in a couple of days I will lose my bitterness, and be back to my bouncy, happy self!

Sparky, aka, Nutless in NY

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Veggie Doggie

My mama made some quiche last night, and accidently dropped a piece of asparagus on the floor. Being the helper that I am, I picked it up for her and disposed of it! How come no one told me how YUMMY asparagus was?!
Mama just stood and stared at me. After I polished off the first spear, she gave me a couple more...then packaged up the rest of them and hid them in that mean old fridge that I can not open for the life of me! I hope that I can guilt her into giving me a couple tonight with my dinner.

It's very important that you sniff all of your vegetables before you take a big bite. Don't you all say anything about my cross eyes in this picture! Ruff, ruff!

Sometimes, when you don't have opposing thumbs, your food goes up your nose!
They taste really good! Honest! And, they are kinda fun to play with.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Life changing week...

I am not looking forward to this week AT ALL. I go in on Thursday for my mutilation, and I have to admit - I am a little nervous and more than a bit angry. I'm going to die a virgin!

It's not that I want a family of my own just yet...after all, I have my mama and pop to look after. (And, believe me - they need watching over!) But, the option would be nice. Oh well, I guess I could always adopt in a couple of years when I mature.

My pop is taking me in and picking me up, since my mama has a work event that day. This is probably a good thing, since he understands my plight.

In other news....

We got more snow! I know the last time I was a little leary of the stuff, but I am a total pro now! My mama tied me up to our porch post while she was shoveling, and every now and then, she'd throw a shovel full of snow at was so much fun! The only bad thing is that (once again) my poop place is covered, and I have to really use my nose to sniff out all of my favorite bathroom places.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Progress Report #2

I was so angry at my mama yesterday! I had to get 3 shots yesterday - and she didn't even stay with me to make sure that I was OK! (I milked my pain for all it was worth when she finally did pick me up - not to worry.) Luckily my vet, and her helpers, all thought I was super cute - so they played with me all day long and kept me nice and busy. I was their little helper!

Later that evening was my second obedience class. I totally ruled the class! Last week I was very hyper and just wanted to play with all the other doggies in the roped off area. This week, I knew those fools already and just wanted to show off all my skilz! My mama is sick (throat issues), but she used a lot of the hand signals that we practiced, so she didn't even have to use her voice. My teacher was very surprised that I know how to sit, lay down and stay without being told - and without needing a treat. Instead of Max being the go-to guy...I was.

Even though I was a little miffed at my mama earlier, she made it all better when she brought me a special treat to train with - - - - HOT DOGS! My most favorite treat in the whole world! They made her fingers smell super good too! All the other dogs had regular treats to train with - and they didn't pay as much attention to their humans as I did.

And, Henry didn't hump me one single time! He did try a couple of times though, and was reprimanded right away. Mama spoke to the instructor beforehand, and told her that Henry was mounting me and that she didn't like it (neither did I!), and my teacher kept one eye glued to Henry throughout the night.

We also practiced walking. Now, I am a good walker - but not in the way that my instructor wants me to be taught. She wants me to stay at my mama's side, and I am no longer allowed to sniff the yellow snow anymore. I don't know how fun walking is going to be with this new method!

Monday, March 12, 2007

We found it!!! We found the dog park!!!! Horray!

My mama searched and searched, and could not find the much talked about dog park - so my pop stepped in, and saved the day! Goodness, that man has a good sense of direction!

I was a little weary going in at first, so my mama let me sniff around the fence area and greet some of the dogs (and their humans) before stepping in. A couple of seconds later, I was in the dog park - off my leash - and on my way to making lots of canine friends. It was the bestest! There were lots of doggies there...Pugs, Beagles, (could've been my parents! Ruff!) Labs, 2 Newfies - 1 that was as big as a horse! - Terriers of all kinds, and a Pittbull. The Pitt's name was Zeek, and we played a lot, which kinda made my mama a little nervous, but I could tell that she was keeping a good eye on me. Zeek would chase me, then tackle me - but then, I would jump on him. It was great fun! Zeek's mommy called out all kinds of commands to him...and he followed them. He's so smart. I hope I become that smart, with the help of all my schooling.

Here are some pictures of my day:

This Pug was really intent on smelling my butt! We played "follow the leader" a lot, and I was always the leader!

Me and Zeek (and Zeek's mom) on the benches as the Newfoundland horse came into the park. Zeek and I kinda look alike...I'm the smaller one.

Woof! I needed a break!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Progress Report #1

Last night was my first ever obedience class - and man, did I need it! I have to admit, I was a little nervous.

There are three other dogs in this class, besides me. A 6 year old Lab/Pitt mix named Max. He was huge, but gentle and seemed to like me much better than the other younger pups. Max's mom seems really sweet...she pet me a bunch of times, which made me very happy! Max was a very good student, he sat quietly and gave good eye contact and got a whole lotta treats. Henry is a 6 month old Boston Terrier. Henry mounted me about 50 million times. I think he wants me to be his boyfriend, but I don't swing that way...I like the ladies! Henry was a little bit bigger than me, but I managed to bring him down a few pegs. He also didn't have a tail, which made me woof with laughter. A puppy Cocker Spaniel was supposed to join us, but he never showed up. He was probably frightened, like I was.

I have to admit, I had a hard time. The instructor didn't allow any of the pups to meet until the end of class! So - the whole time I was a wiggly worm, trying to get away from my mama, just for the chance to sniff one of those hienies and make some friends! My mama kept me in a headlock for most of the class, and has some war wounds on her neck to prove it. The instructor told her that she needs to practice the whole headlock thing before the next class - I hope she practices on my pop.

I did do mighty well with the first excersize...looking into mama's eyes when she says "look." So easy!!!!! And, I got a treat every single time!
I need a rest after all that strenuous activity!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I've been so concerned about my own, so my mama found me a new set to take my mind off the impending doom!

I played with this tennis ball that my mama found under the refrigerator, for hours and hours last night. (All of my toys end up under that huge appliance...I think it may hate me or something!) My nose may be permanently smooshed because of all the face-bunting I did! That ball is almost too big to pick up with my tiny chompers. Almost. I also found out that I am a pretty good soccer player! Watch out David Beckham...

(I tried to get a video of myself playing soccer in the house, but I was just too darn fast - the video came out blurry!)

Monday, March 5, 2007

Bad, Bad news!!!!

I thought that the obedience thing was bad enough...but now - mama scheduled my neuter!! They are going to take a part of me - FOREVER AND EVER, AMEN!

I'm planning my retaliation as I type. It's going to be far reaching and extreme. I hope those darn humans are ready for Spartacus! If they think leaving the bathroom garbage can within my reach while they are in the shower is naughty - wait until they see what I have planned.

If I give them this face, do you think they'll reconsider?


Mama signed me up for obedience classes today. My first class is Wednesday at 7:30. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Hey doggie you have any insight on what I can expect? Do they give out treats? Will they care if I poop on the floor? What if I get performance anxiety and all the other puppies bark at me?

The longest walk...ever!

It was 45 degrees out on Saturday, so after my mama came home from work (on the weekend! She should get a raise!), she decided that we would be going for a walk! I was so excited, because I just love walks. They allow me to sniff out all the doggies that live in my 'hood, and let me mark a little bit of territory. (I wish I knew how to mark like a boy though)

Walks are so enjoyable, but why did my mama have to torture me with another darn sweater?! My grandma bought me this particular sweater when I was first brought home, but it was too big on me - it covered my boy parts, and I peed on it the first time I wore it. Now, it's a little on the small'ish side. Thank goodness it will be retired soon! Oh, well...I got past the humiliation after a couple of blocks. I must admit, I do rock the color blue.

Like most of my mama's best laid plans - this walk thing didn't exactly go as planned. First of all, those 28 inches of snow we got are now melting, which is good. But, in some areas, the melting snow made puddles that were as deep as my elbows, and that is anything BUT good! In fact, that was very, very bad. Plus, because we live in the not-so-good-part-of-town, not a lot of residents shovel their walkways, which then forced us to walk in the street. I am not a very good street walker. (LOLruff!)

Can you believe that we walked a little over 4 miles in total?!?!?! My little puppy legs got quite a workout. Luckily, we made a lot of stops to smell the pine trees along the way. I also got to look over the bridge walking path, and take a nice long gander at the frozen Mohawk River. That gave me butterflies!

About half-way to our destination, mama decided to take off my stupid sweater, because it was soaking wet and very, very muddy. I practically howled in joy! I noticed she didn't chuck it though...

Guess what happened when I got home? Yep - a bath! I like the water, so it was no big deal. I smell like a rose garden and everyone wants to cuddle me!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

The elusive dog park

Last night, mama came home - went immediately to the bathroom, changed her clothes and came running to my pup kennel! She was a tornado! She unlocked my kennel and bundled herself all up, and led me outside. I had no idea why she was buggin', but after my usual pee'scapade, she brought me over to the car. I looooooooooooove car rides, even though I am a very naughty puppy when riding in a car. (I drive too - see my pic below for evidence.)

We drove through the town a little, and mama kept muttering about "the sun going down" and "gotta find it" and "Sparky, SIT DOWN!" I started to get excited when we entered the park! I've never been to a park - but I've read about it on other blogs...and it looks like a really cool place, in the summertime. But, it's winter (in case you need reminding) and it's too cold for little pups like me - but mama had a plan.

Then, I felt it. Poop! Right at the hole! I started to cry a little. Mama must've thought that I was just being naughty ('cause I am really naughty) and told me to stop. She just didn't understand. I finally had to get up and wave my butt in her face - and when I did, she managed to find a place to park just in a nick of soon as my hind legs hit the pavement, I squatted. Close call!!! I laughed a little when mama bent over to pick it up with a baggie, because it was a stinky one!

We never did find the dog park - but I'm sure we will try again this weekend. It's supposed to be by the tennis courts, but we walked a little and didn't see it. Maybe it was too dark by the time we parked. Or, maybe we need a map.

Regardless, I was very tired when I got home. Riding in the car expells so much of my energy. Luckily, my mama's lap is so comfy! Look at me...I can't even keep my eyes open. Pathetic!