Friday, May 30, 2008


Remember pups - - the key to a good workout is a good stretch, so pratice your doga!

Tether ball. Who knew that game could be played so marvelously by a pair of puppies? My pop held the ball and swung it around at our level, and Patches and I batted it back and forth. As you can see, we really got into it. Patches started with the trash talk right away, but my mama put the kabosh on that real fast! (He's been testing his boundaries lately.)

While I consider myself a great team player, I have to admit that I can be fairly clumsy. My puggle legs are short and I often trip over myself in the heat of a match. Patches on the other hand, is a total jock. He'd be first string on the varsity team, while I would be a bench warmer on JV. He's also fearless, and doesn't mind being stomped on when hangin' with his team.

Check out his awesome b'ball skilz!

Going in for the steal...Mission accomplished!

Moments after this photo was taken, Patches was ejected from the game because he received his 5th foul. While in the locker room, he got his nails trimmed.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Night at the Drive-In

Patches and I took my humans to the drive-in last night! It was fantastic. We saw two movies: Indiana Jones and Iron Man. Now, I am an expert at behaving at the drive-in, but this was definitely a test for Patchy. This was his very first drive-in movie! My mama was a little worried because Patches barks at anything that moves - and sometimes he barks and howls just to hear his own voice. Crazy Beaglier.

He was actually really good! I think it was because we were hangin' out in mama's new car! (She got the Honda Fit Sport, in Tidewater Blue. The front seats lay flat, so we all snuggled in the back like one big happy family.)

Do we really have to wait until it's dark for the movie to start?

I was really inspired by Iron Man and his ability to fly. Then, I realized that I also know how to defy gravity as well! Look, I'm going so fast that my tail is uncurling! If I had Patches' helicopter ears I probably could've soared even higher...maybe even to the moon.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Naught is as naughty does

This is why my mama calls ironic:

That's her copy of Marley and Me. Somedog in this household plucked it off of the bookshelf, while mama was in the shower, and ate it!

Don't tell anyone, but it was ME! Marley was a very naughty dog, but I'm pretty sure I could have given him a run for his money. I totally would've gotten away with it too, if there wasn't a chunk of paper caught in my teeth.