Friday, August 31, 2007

Hello Everypup!

This is my very first post ever. Sparky gave me the run-down on blogging and pictures and posts and all. I tried to pay attention, but I got really sleepy and took a nap in the middle of his lecture. I'm a fast learner though, so I think I can figure it out. (I master the stairs in less than a week!)

The past week has been pretty tiring. Mama has been teaching me "leash manners" and my little legs feel like they are going to fall off! I'm so glad that we live in a city so that I can take rest at every cross walk. The difference between me and Sparky is that I sit because I want to; he sits because he has to.

When I get home, I take a nap!

Let me show you my bed. Sparky doesn't have a bed, but I do. He can jump onto the couch, so it's a pretty fair trade. You won't believe this, but my bed is a CAT BED! They call it a "privacy bed" which means that while I am in it, my brother can't sniff my bum because I am tucked really deep inside.

I also learned my very first trick. Sit down. Whenever I sit down, I get a liver treat, which is just awesome. Most of the time, I am the first one to sit down.

Patches, the Beaglier

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Stair Master

First of all, I would like to apologize to my friend Mitch, who just learned to do stairs, before he went on vacation - because the following news might upset him a little. I know it upset me.

My wee little brother is going up and down the stairs now. Can you even believe it?! He's only 9 weeks old. I know it's because *I* taught him by example and all - but he is way to young to be so independent. I was 4 months old when I got the courage to tackle to stairs by myself!

Can you see the video? I'm not sure if I uploaded it right!

Speaking of stinking: The one thing that I know is frustrating to my mama is the fact that Patches poops in his kennel! I only pooped in my kennel once, and at least I had the proper state of mind to dispose of the evidence. He's had to be bathed in some fashion every single day this week! He just doesn't poop in the corner, he'll poop where he sleeps - and then he'll lay in it, and walk in it and just make a big stinky mess of himself! I'm thinking of changing his name to Poopalicious. My mama has tried everything: restricting water and food past certain times, taking him out every hour and a half, pleading with's probably that he is so young. Maybe he needs a smaller kennel? Or a colostomy bag?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It might smell bad...

...but it sure does taste good!

I love my bully sticks. Look, I'm biting down so hard, that my eyes won't even open! Plus, I'm totally foaming at the mouth...awesome! I've got so much drool starting, that I should be called Mini-Nanook from now on.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Couch wars!

I think that it is totally unfair that Patches can fit under the couch! I used to be able to squeeze myself under there, but now I am too big. Luckily he's not hiding toys or anything, or we may have to rethink this whole living arrangement.

We like to play a game I call "Couch Wars." Here is a step-by-step, in pictures:

Friday, August 24, 2007

(Tails of) Being a Big Brother

Patches is home!

First of all, I have to say that he is one sleepy dude...he sleeps all the time! Like, right now he is on my mama's lap - asleep. Unfortunately, he doesn't snore like I do, so it's hard to tell if he's really sleeping or just faking.

I do like him though. When he's not fast asleep, he likes to play bitey face and tug-o-war. I have not lost a game of tug-o-war yet! However, Patches does cheat at bitey face...he goes right for my jowls with his tiny, sharp puppy teeth. He's going to be a fierce competitor one day.

He looks wet in the face, because he just had a bath!

Here he is during one of his many naps. (Look at that pink belly!) I let him borrow Black Dog to snuggle with since I don't come close to fitting in his bed.

And, here I am checking up on him. Like I said - it's hard to tell if he's faking.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I finally got to meet him!

Mama and Pop took me to meet my new brother last night, and I have to say - I will never be able to sleep in again! Oh, wait...that's what my mama said!

This puppy totally loves me. He followed me around everywhere. Everytime I stopped to smell something, he stopped to take a sniff. And don't be fooled by his small frame, he is one tough dude! We played for a good hour, running and jumping and playing bitey face (finally!), and kissing each other's ears. At one point, he picked up my leash in his mouth and tried to walk me! I was like "Ruff, ruff boy! You're not my mama!" It was the perfect photo opportunity, but someone forgot to take the camera. I'm gonna hafta talk to him though, because when my mama said "Come here Sparky," he came too! My parents are going to have to give him a name pronto, because he can't have mine!

BTW - the top contenders are: Astro, Coment, Patches and Hercules. I want to name him Piggy Ear, which is what I got for being such a big boy during our play time.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm getting new toys with my new baby brother!

Not only am I getting a new brother this week, but my mama is also going through all my old toys, and replacing them with fancy new toys! This whole family thing rocks!

My mama won't let me meet my brother until Thursday, because she wants us to meet on "neutral ground" - whatever that means. But she did come home yesterday with a towel that smelled just like what I imagine my new little brother will smell like. I carried it around everywhere and even slept with it last night. Maybe I can roll around on a towel for him, so he can smell me!

Check out these new pictures I found in the camera:

Wait?! Is he a dog, or a cow?

I can certainly appreciate needing to take a little drink after playing hard. He is going to love the treats the humans give out here! Hopefully he won't get too jealous of all my awesome tricks.

Looking fiesty! I do have to be careful, because he is only 4.11 pounds at the moment...just a peanut.

And, just in case anyone forgot how incredibly cute I am, this is me, sitting nicely, at the curb. My mama makes me sit before we cross the street:

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm so getting one!

A Beaglier, that is...

Look, how cute.

A Beaglier is a cross between a Beagle and a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Since I am a designer dog, it's only fair that my brother is one too. I just adore his coloring, especially the way his ears are black on the outside, and brown underneath...that is just too cool!

He comes home on Thursday. Until then, my mama is bringing a towel with my scent on it to him, and a towel with his scent on it to me, so we can get to know each other before we officially meet.

I'm excited to finally be a big brother!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Dear Mama,

Even though I broke your finger last weekend, and you yelled at me somethin' awful,

I still love you! (And, hopefully you forgive my leash for wrapping itself around your ring digit that should have a big fat diamond decorating it, if my pop had any brains in his head!) Happy Barkday - and remember I've been a very good boy (minus the finger break and opawration of my new loofa dog) and am willing to share some of your barkday pie with you - raisins removed, of course.



Lola, Penny, Sherman...THANK YOU!

The Dogs of Jackman Ave sent me a pressie! It's not even my birthday! I'm such a lucky little puggle.

Can someone with opposing thumbs help me out here?

Oh my doG! Look at all this's almost more than one puppy can handle. Check out that huge tracea! It's almost as big as I am! What you can't see in the picture is Sherman's old Halloween costume that he sent along for me...I think it shrunk in the wash, or something because he said it no longer fits his manly frame. My mama made me try it on, and it's a smidge big, but if I keep eating treats and desserts as I plan to do, by Halloween it will fit perfectly - - but she won't let me post a picture just yet. It's a surprise we will unveil in October!

Thank you so much Sherman, Lola and Penny (plus, your human mama!)!!! I'm taking my mama shopping this weekend, so we can pamper you all as well. I know of the most perfect place to shop!

I did feel that my new loofa dog needed a little lipo-suction though.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The games humans play

My pop isn't known for his use of the English language - - but both he and my mama like to play Scrabble. However, each game usually involves some kind argument and a search through a dictionary! As my mama likes to say "two consonants and one or two vowels does not necessarily make a word."

I tried to help him.

But, he still lost by over 100 points.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Any takers?

My mama told me that it is time for me to start earning my keep.

Hey, I'm not the first pup to try to pimp themselves out! Do you think my asking price is too high?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This is me!

Sometimes I get jealous of all those doggies out there who know so much about their specific breed. Puggles are still such a new non-recognized breed, that most experts only guess at what we are, and what we will be like when we reach adulthood. Since I am always in the process of making new animal friends who may not know what in the heck a "puggle" is, I decided to do a little google search, and give my thoughts and opinions.

Welcome to Sparky School!

A puggle is a crossbreed between two breeds of dogs, a pug, like Suki and a beagle like Nugget. My mama was a purebred beagle and my pop was a purebred pug.
Puggles tend to be between 15–30 pounds (Yep! I'm 24 el-bees, and 2 oz.) and stand 13–15 inches at the shoulders. While colors vary, the vast majority are fawn–colored with wrinkled black masks similar to pugs. (I'm special because I'm black!) They tend to have a longer body, slightly increased size, and longer nose and floppy ears associated with beagles. Because puggles are a crossbreed, the appearance of the breed is less predictable than that of a purebred dog. This is due to the decreased ability to predict which attributes will be inherited from which parent. Puggles have a tail the length of a beagle but tends to be slightly curled like a pug. (Mine does more than slightly curl! My tail looks like a piggy tail, so much so that my mama almost named me Wilbur!)

Because of their longer legs, eye socket size, and less effusive wrinkles, puggles often avoid many difficulties with eyes, joints, and skin wrinkles common to pugs. My mama does have to clean my wrinkly face a couple of times a week, because my eyes are very juicy and tend to tear up from time to time, especially when I am having fun. She just uses a yummy smelling baby wipe to do it. I've learned to stand very still and be very patient as she is doing this. However, they may have more problems than typical beagles. While pugs are particularly susceptible to heat stroke, the longer nasal cavity of the puggle makes the breed more tolerant to the heat, and less likely to overheat while running in the summer. Conversely, their nasal cavities are likely to be shorter and less efficient than those of beagles, which could be a problem if the dog also inherited the beagle's propensity to run; especially for long periods. My vet lady told me that I inherited the best of both breeds, especially when it comes to my snout! My snout is longer, so I don't have the breathing problems associated with some pugs.

Puggles are low maintenance dogs. They need an occasional bath, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. This is so true! My fur is like human hair, and although I do shed, the fur easily blows right off of items. My mama sheds more than I do! I don't get that "dog smell" even when wet.

As pets, puggles have the mild mannered yet playful "lap dog" qualities often associated with pugs, mixed with the more energetic tendencies typical of the hunting qualities of a beagle. A cheerful clown (hey!) who loves to play but then quickly tires for a short nap, puggles are mid-sized dogs that make excellent housepets, and many puggle owners testify to their winning personality as one of their strongest points. I don't quickly tire at all. I can play for hours on end! However, I do like to sit on people! If my mama is sitting on the couch watching TV, I will quietly sneak up onto her lap, and sit right on her, blocking her line of vision. Puggles are affectionate and get along well with children. I love kids! I even converted my girl cousin who was afraid of me at first. They retain the friendly, laid-back disposition of both breeds, but while their size makes them perfect for apartments, they need a bit more exercise and attention than some traditional apartment dogs (pugs included). Like most dogs, puggles also bark, and vary widely as to how often they bark. Some inherit the odd, nasal baying of beagles, a mix of a baying hound and the cooing of a pigeon (some say sounding like Gizmo from the movie Gremlins). I do it all depending on my mood. Sometimes I bark normal, sometimes I howl, and sometime I "talk." The talk is very interesting, and I only do it when I want some of the food my humans are eating. That said, their barking is much more easy to deal with than most beagles, and many puggles are barely vocal at all.

How can you not love a puggle? Class, dismissed!

Tell me about your breed...I tag Maggie and Mitch, Balboa, Lola, Wally and Tadpole.

Monday, August 6, 2007

I'm allowed to go to the Movies?

Yep! You betcha!

Last night my pop packed up the car, and drove me and my mama to the Drive-In Theater, where dogs are allowed, and you can talk all you want during the movie.

We got there a little early, so I could take my mama for a walk around the grounds. I really wanted to check out all of the pee-mail and make new friends. Unfortunately, I was the only canine there this time. (Probably because it was a Sunday, and most normal people and puppies were home getting ready for work the next day!) I did stop along the way, and let some humans pet me. We watched "The Simpsons" and "I Now Pronounce You, Chuck and Larry." I sat in the front seat, on my mama's lap the whole time.

I thought that it might be boring, being stuck in the car that long - but it wasn't! There were a lot of smells, and treats (popcorn!) and I just love hanging out with my humans. Lucky for them, it was a nice cool night - so having this puggle snuggle them didn't make them overheat. I hope I get to go again.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Sparky, the angel

I'm like glowing from the inside out in this picture!

This was taken yesterday, eating a homemade strawberry and banana frosty paw. It was delicious!

Oh! And, see that new collar I am rockin'? Both me and my pop think it's rather girlie. What kind of boy dog wears ladybugs? The worst mama bought a leash to match as well. I think she wants me to get beat up!

Thank you Wally!!!

Wally sent me a pressie! I missed the whole "get on the pressie" list a while back - but he took it upon himself to make me feel included. Isn't he the bestest?!

I siffed all around the outside of it, then stuck my head right into the envelope!

Look at the bounty! It was filled with fabulous stuff. I was so excited to just dig in (you can tell how excited I was, if you look closely), but my mama made me sit to take a picture first. I'm trying my best to give her my best stink eye.

Wally even included a card, with a bit of him in it. My mama let me sniff it a little, but then I tried to eat it - so she took it away. I think that if Wally and I were to meet, we'd be great friends. I already know what he smells like - and I can tell you that he smells very friendly and manly!

My mama let me eat one of the treats he included - a sausage was good, and reminded me of my poo incident, only much tastier.

Thank you Wally, my favorite Corgador! You are a great friend!