Monday, July 28, 2008

Not to worry - - we're simply relaxing

Sparky and I are both pretty upset that our mama has been spending so much time at work, because that means that she is not playing with us. We're terribly afraid that our friends at the dog park are going to forget us (or find new friends to play with)! Even worse, when she is home all she wants to do is nap. Lucky for her, I am an expert cuddler.

Really. How can you resist this mug?

No one's impossible. See? That's my mama's thumb going in for a stroke on my nose. (I love my nose stroked, and so does Sparky...I also like kisses on my nose - right between my eyeballs, actually.) My pink parts are just as pink as my mama's nail! Cool!

Now you come here and let me return the favor. I didn't step in any poo today, so my paws are safe. Besides, I saw you pick that M&M up off the floor and eat it. On a side note - now everyone can see why I was named Patches...

Monday, July 7, 2008

My Party!

I'm one! I'm one! My vet lady told me that I am no longer a puppy, but my mama said that I would always be her little guy, even though I am the biggest canine in this house. Silly mama!
I asked my pawrents for a little brother, but my pop is a big meanie and said "no more dogs." I don't think that's really fair. Sparky got a little brother. I deserve one too. I did get a new collar and a new chirping bird stuffy!

Anyway, we did celebrate my birth in high style...

I posed with the traditional birthday hat. It was a little too big for me, but I'm not the kind of pup who relents to dorky displays of embarassment.

I starred intently at a Moo Tube.

And, I feasted on an Organic Frosty Paws in the dark (thanks to my grandma!) and used my own paw for balance, which every human thought was cute. You can't let a drop of those things go to waste, ya know?

Of course, I shared it all with Sparky. He did teach me all the ropes during my very first year on earth. Spark, you can thank me later by letting me win during our many rounds of bitey face tonight.

Pee S - Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday!!!! It made me very happy, indeed.