Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008

Happy New Year to everypup!

Sorry we haven't been around - Patches had his manly bits removed, and it's been quite an experience here for the humans trying to keep us separated, and keep Patches from running and jumping. So far, he hasn't had to wear the collar, even though he can totally reach his wound! (I could never reach mine, since I had, and still have, a little belly chunk in the way.)

I think it would be fun to recount the year, and all the adventures I had along the way. I also think that everypup should play this if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!!!!!

January - I met every human in my new family.

February - I learned how to poo in the snow and started blogging!

March - I was neutered, which was a breeze, celebrated with a huge bone, and learned that I like asparagus.

April - I became a back-up dancer for the Howling Jowls, destroyed some bunny ears, and graduated puppy class!

May - Someone destroyed my Mama's couch, I gave instructions on how to Party like a Rock Star, and introduced my beloved Black Dog.

June - My pop and I were almost attacked by a pack of Pitt Bulls (we weren't hurt), and I ate Frosty Paws for the very first time.

July - I celebrated July 4th by noshing on a marshmallow, and ran for Mayor without even knowing!

August - Patches arrived!!!!

September - I celebrated my birthday, and in a totally unrelated act, snuck some of my mama's cake. Patches and I also mastered the "dual-leash."

October - We went camping and hung out by the fire, and ran off-leash for a while....and, we were forced to dress up in silly costumes.

November - I ate my mama's Ocean's 11 DVD, but as Sophie LaBrador pointed out - I didn't eat the faces of the mega-stars. See, I'm not that naughty.

December - Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Patches goes to work

This morning I was rejected for the very first time.

It hurt like crazy, zipping right through my fragile heart!

Bright and early, Sparky and I packed up our things and headed off to Doggie Day Care for the day, while Mama went to work and Pop went to the Casino to hang with some buds. Because I am 6 months and 1 day old, and not neutered yet (whatever that means!), I was told that I could not stay. Mama tried to get them to bend their rules, since I am getting neutered next Friday, but they didn't budge. Sparky got to stay, but I had to go.

But that's OK, because I get to hang out with Mama at her work! I've been really busy sniffing all the corners and barking at everyone who walks in the door. I'm like, the official mascot of the office! Mama made me a bed out of a box and her coat and I took a little nap right under her desk.

This afternoon I am going to help everyone with their lunches. After all, I have to make sure that their sandwiches are fit for human consumption now that I am in charge of keeping all these people safe and sound. I can't wait to tell Sparky all about my day...he's going to be so jealous!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Today is my Gotcha Day!

1 year ago today (at around 3:00pm, EST) I was found by my mama. I'm going to do something a little different today, and let my mama tell you all the story of my homecoming...

Last year, on December 20, I woke up and announced to Nathan (Sparky's Pop) that I would be getting a dog that day. We had had the discussion for about a year, and I was always shot down - but that day I was not taking no for an answer. That day began a 10 day vacation from work, so I had the time to spend with a new dog to get them accimated into our world. Of course, Nathan did not believe that I would be so bold.

I had no idea what kind of dog I wanted, except that I did want a puppy - - I just sort of felt that the dog would pick me and not the other way around. I visited the local animal shelter and played with a couple of the dogs there (not puppies), but none of them felt right. I spoke with the staff at the shelter and they explained that there was a waiting list for puppies, and that they don't receive them often. After careful consideration, I made my way to one of the pet stores. (I have gotten some negative feedback from some about purchasing a dog through a pet store, but that is a choice I made that worked for us.)

I peaked inside the kennels and this little black dog with soulful eyes peered back at me. I immediately knew that I had to visit with him. This puppy was the most hugable dog I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He kissed my cheek and nuzzled into my neck, and when I put him down he immediately wanted to be picked up again. His birthday is September 29 - which is the anniversary of Nathan and my first date! I knew right then that I would be walking out with this dog!

After the paperwork was completed, and I was several hundred dollars lighter, the little black dog and I walked out through the mall to my car in the parking lot. Of course, we stopped for every person who asked if they could pet him, and like a champ the puppy allowed it and welcomed it! Since our home was ill-equiped for an animal, I stopped by my sister's house and had her dog sit, while I did a little shopping. She and her children were thrilled that I had gotten a dog and were happy to play and cuddle our new addition.

I stocked up on food, treats, bowls, bedding, a kennel, collars and leashes and toys of all kinds - all before calling Nathan to tell him what I was coming home with! When I finally got around to telling him, he didn't believe me. We made plans to meet for dinner at a restaurant, but before I left I took a picture of our new baby, so he would know that I was not joking.

This is the shot I showed him during dinner...and have never looked back. Our little black dog was officially named two weeks later. (Yes, it took us that long!) Sparky gave unconditional love from DAY ONE. I can not imagine life without our little fellow.

Thanks Mama!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dear Santa Paws

Dear Santa Paws,

I am sorry that I barked at you the other day when we attempted to have our pictures taken with you, but I do have to protect my mama. I hope you understand. I am so very excited right now because this is my first ever Christmas! I've been so good - - as good as a 6-month old puppy can be. I've kept *my* destruction contained to dog toys and bones, and not the livingroom couch like another pup I know. Overall I have been a loving, playful and attentive puppy, so I am hoping that you may grant me a couple of requests for Christmas...

Santa, please keep all of our DWB friends in your heart over this Christmas season. Some have lost family members, while others have gained. There are a couple in particular who are going through some tough times - so just look over them for me. If you could send them some hugs, that would be wonderful. If you need any extra drool - let me know and I'll make some for you!

Please send me 8 extra pounds so that I will be as big as Sparky. We are already the same height, but I need the poundage, so I can knock him over and pin him down.

Please teach my mama how to use her camera without the flash.

I would really like one of these for Christmas. Sparky tells me that the water in the toilet is tastier than the water in our dishes, but the bathroom door is constantly closed, and this would be a pawesome compromise.

Thank you Santa Paws!!! Merry Christmas!

Patches, the Beaglier


My mama made hundreds of these torture devices.

All they do is stare at me, and I am not allowed to approach at all. Kibble just doesn't compare.

(You can click here to view all of the recipes!)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Run Free Thrawn, Run Free

RIP Thrawn from your buddies, Patches and Sparky. We will miss you - but know that you are in a place where you can run free of pain. Please send your puppy hugs and kisses to Maryann and the rest of the Brat Pack.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Patches' neuter is scheduled

I try to be the best brother I possible can be to Patches...but sometimes he's just so hard to handle. Lately, he's been bugging me so much - grabbing my precious jowls with his sharp baby toofers and poking me in the eyeballs with his paws! It's all the additional testosterone. Which is why mama finally made an appointment to get his man tumors taken out!

Luckily, the pup will be able to fully enjoy Christmas before going under the knife. Unfortunately, his New Year may start out a little...empty. Patches' appointment is December 29.

Of course, when he is under the weather it also means that I have to behave as well. Hopefully Patches will be a little calmer than I was when I got out of surgery. I also hope that if he gets one of these, that I get one too because it's best to not play favorites.

I tried to fill him in on all the nasty details, but he paid me no attention. Can you blame him?

Monday, December 10, 2007


I received a tag from Stella, the Queen of Gooberville and baby sister of our favorite Goober, Stanley to tell everyone 8 facts about myself! This is my first tag ever!

First are the rules: List eight ( 8 ) random facts about yourself. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them). Let them know they've been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

1. I'm a pup with four colors - white, brown, black and PINK! My belly has very little fur on it, so all you see is pink baby skin. Oh, and the brown parts are only on my face and bum! The great doG in heaven was being silly when he colored me.

2. I immediately settle down and take a nap if you put a blanket over my head.

3. I do not chew my food. My mama saw the evidence when I threw up a whole carrot she gave me.

4. I wait for Sparky to soften up his piggy skin roll treat, then I steal his and claim it as my own.

5. I can potty on command, which my mama and pop learned the hard way! They kept saying "Patches, do you need to go outside to go potty?" and I would squat and potty right there - on the couch, the floor, the bed - it didn't matter. It seriously took them a week to figure that out!

6. My bark sounds like a woman's scream. I think I could give Tadpole a run for his money in the sound department.

7. I'm being enrolled in Puppy Day Care for socialization, since I bark at every human and animal that moves. (I'm no longer allowed to go to PetSmart due to my excessive hyperactivity - mama's rules, not PetSmart's. She said I sound like an abused puppy and people come running to make sure I'm OK.)

8. My breath smells really bad, because I am finally losing all of my teeth.

Now for the Pinot, Joey, Toby, Balbao, Ozzy, Poppy, Gwen, and finally - Petra. Don't let me down guys (and gals)!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Chocolate is my crack

Dogs are not allowed to eat chocolate. Chocolate contains theobromine. A naturally occurring stimulant found in the cocoa bean, theobromine increases urination and affects the central nervous system as well as heart muscle. While amounts vary by type of chocolate, it's the theobromine that is poisonous to dogs. Granted, we dogs have to eat a large portion of chocolate to get sick, but like humans - once we taste the stuff, we want MORE.

I have never had a taste of chocolate. But, I do smell it all the time.

These are my treats:

These are my mama's:
They both look totally yummy - similar color, cool shapes. But let me tell you, her peanut M&M's make me drop whatever I am doing so I can get a fix! I come running when I see or hear her stick her hand in that bag. And luckily my mama will blow some of her chocolate'y peanut breath my way. It's heaven. It's also teasing...but it's better than nothing.

Since eating her treats would make us sick, she makes sure to put them where Patches and I can not even possibly reach. Sigh. It's tough being a pup.