Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Howl-ween!

We're going trick o' treating tonight with our human cousins around town! I can't wait! Both Patches and I are dressing as pumpkins. My sweater is actually a hand-me-down from Sherman! It fits me pretty darn good, I must say...

It's classy and warm and eye catching. And, yes...that is a tear you see. I think I'm losing this "battle of the sweaters" with my mama.

Patches on the other hand, has to suffer with this monstrosity:

He seems to be taking it well though...the hat thingy stayed on all throughout our photo session, which is pretty darn impressive, even if his ear did poke out all wrong. It's terribly shiny!

Are you guys dressing up for HOWL-ween too?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Opposite Attract

I'd like to introduce you to Logan...he's a 15 month (!) old Great Dane who tips the scales at a very respectable 186 pounds. We hung out together this past weekend. We quickly became the Odd Couple of the dog park!

Logan is also built like a brick wall, or at least that's what my mama said when he ran into her and sent her flying onto her behind! Humans must brace themselves around Logan. Not only did Logan knock my mama down, but then he slimed her with all his drool when he apologized with a kiss! His humans felt so bad - but mama just laughed.

I hope we see him again the next time we go to the park.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Best dressed at the dog park

I went to the dog park for the very first time, and my doG! It was so much fun! Unfortunately, it was a cooler day and I had to wear my nifty sweater...strange that I was the only dog there in clothing! I wish my adult fur would come in so I wouldn't shiver every time I go outside when it is cool out.

I was the smallest one there, and the youngest...which meant that I was a target. But, don't worry - I can totally hold my own with the big guys. In fact, I think I prefer large breeds. We sniffed, and played and ran - and I went home nice and tired and happy.

After my intimate conversation with the lab above, I went over to hang out with a pack by the park's only bench. Actually, we were hanging around there because the pretty female Rotti was in heat. (Mama was a little upset that her humans would bring a dog in heat to a dog park.)

The Corgi was pretty darn awesome, and I hung out with him for most of the least I think he was a he! He had a lot of fur and needed some serious grooming. I tried to watch him take a leak so I could tell for sure, but he must have an iron bladder!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pressies from Mama

Mama did some shopping for us this weekend - a bag full of new training treats, plus a new "Fall" collar for both of us (mine is blue with colorful dog bones, and Patches' is red with colorful dog bones!) and a baby carrier and new harness for Patches. Yep, a baby carrier! He can't walk as far as I can, so mama bought it so that we don't have to stop our long walks. He likes it because he can rest a little while looking at the world!

Check out his humongous veiny ear!

This is our very first Autumn and it is so pretty outside. All of the leaves are changing colors and some are even falling off the trees and letting us attack them!

We've got something new going on this weekend too - mama has to work, and pop is going to Florida to visit his family (without us, boo-hoo!). We are going to doggie day-care! I am super excited, because there are going to be a bunch of friends to play with...and there will be a live web cam, so you all can take a lookie at us being crazy!

Friday, October 19, 2007


My name is Patches, and I'm a digger. But, it's totally not my fault...I learned it from watching Sparky!

Yep, that's right, we both like to burrow ourselves under the covers. Sometimes, when I feel especially needy, I'll wake up at 4:00AM crying and yelping and mama will come and let me out of my kennel and cuddle me on the couch under whatever blanket she drags out with her. I especially like the down comforter because it cradles all of my manly curves.

When we are allowed to sleep in the big bed, both Sparky and I nose our way down to mama's feet and chill out there the whole night, poking our noses out occasionally, to breath some fresh air. Sometimes mama gets nervous, and fluffs the blankets so we don't suffocate - but truth be told, we like the stuffy warmth.

It doesn't matter what I'm doing...if a human pulls a blanket out, I will worm my way under it and take a little nap!

Monday, October 15, 2007

The difference between us.

I think this picture just about sums it all up...

While I am constantly on the go, and checking out my surroundings, Patches will just sit and chill. Sometimes his being so chill makes me look like a total spazz.

While I show my blantant hate for sweaters in the winter months, Patches will proudly parade in one all day if allowed. He must have a circulation problem, or something.

I can control myself when offered a treat, Patches will knock you over and steal it from your mouth if Mama doesn't watch him closely.

Patches poops and pees as soon as he hits grass...I like to sniff for hours before unloading.

I can walk for miles and miles, and Patches begs to be picked up after a few short blocks.

I prefer to hang with dogs who are the same size as me, Patches loves big ol' giant dogs, like labs and rottis!

I like the water, and Patches hates to get wet. (But, he dries much faster than I do!)

Patches respects Mama and Pop's paperwork, but I like to lay all over it.

Patches has (had) fleas, and I don't!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Posing for Mama

Yesterday, Mama took us on a long walk around our city park. It was such a beautiful day - sunny, yet cool. I wore Sparky's old sweater to keep me warm. Sparky had a sweater on too, but it was a little too long in the front, and he accidently pee-peed on it!

Here we are at Grandma's house before going to the park. See how nice his sweater was? I think he may have done it on purpose, because he hates wearing clothing. Oh least Mama got one picture of him in it.

We walked and walked, and I was so excited that I didn't even realize how far or long we were going. Usually, I get tired and asked to be picked up. We stopped by the duck/goose pond, and barked at all the birds swimming in the pond. They were quacking at us big time. I think a couple of them wanted to eat me for dinner!

Then, we went to the top of this huge hill and sat for a little bit and gazed out at the fountain and lovely scenery. I'm also happy to inform everypup that we have completely mastered the dual leash!

After that, we went to the rose gardens. I have to admit - I like this picture the bestest - because it is only ME! I hope my Mama frames it.

Don't I look like such a big boy puppy?

We had such a great afternoon! Dory, when you come to visit, we are going to take you here!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Holiday Camping Trip

Just a brief update before I get to the more important stuff - my stupid pop did not propose to my mama. She's really sad, but us boys have been loving on her big time. I'm not really sure what the next step will be, but I'll be sure to keep everypup posted.

Camping was on the agenda for this weekend...although not originally. The real plan was to meet up with Dory and her human Liza, but my mama flaked out a bit and totally forgot they would be in town. (A couple days off does that to a person, I guess.) I want to personally apologize to my friends, because I was really looking forward to our play time. My mama feels really badly too.

Camping was fun though! I've been a couple of time this summer, but this was Patches' first time camping ever. He was a little unsure at first, but he caught on quickly. Plus, mama brought some yummy stuff to keep us busy when we weren't playing or running. Knuckle bones are the absolute bestest!

Pop built a fire.

We got a little too close - but it felt so good, it was hard to stay away. The nights were nice and cold, but the fire (and mama's fuzzy blankets) kept us nice and toasty warm.

Then, we got to do something we've never done around off-leash!!! Well, I was off-leash - Patches had two leashes attached to him in case he got into trouble, because he doesn't know the "come here" command as perfectly as I do. Lucky for my parents, he follows me everywhere anyway. Check out our floppy ears as we run.

Back at the camp site, I dug for truffles (wild mushrooms) and Patches chewed on some sticks. Mama was really hoping I would find a truffle, because she said it would've gone nicely with our grilled steaks.

I hope you don't get a tummy ache from that stick!

We had a great weekend, and I'm hoping that my pop takes me camping again this weekend when he goes out with the guys.