Friday, February 23, 2007

Drivin' along in my automobile...

Even though I don't have opposing thumbs, and can barely see over the wheel, I still drive a pretty mean car through the wild streets of my town!

Puggles rule...all other doggies drool!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Play time - in pictures

My mama buys me the greatest toys in the whole wide world! This one has a nubbin' chewing surface, which feels so good on my gums, and both sides have a bundle of strings I can play with. It's great for both fetch and tug of war.

I like to play with my toys on the edge of the couch in the livingroom. The couch is a comfy place for me, and it is just wide enough that I can stretch my body out on it! However, sometimes I play so hard that I forget what I am doing, and drop my toy!

Most of the time, I'll just stare at it.

Sometimes I will try to reach it from my ledge. Usually, I fall during this process.

However, I recover fast...and get back to play time in a jiffy!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Humans are gross creatures indeed

I am amazed at the noises and smells that come out of my humans. They both intrigue me to the max! My dad burps (a lot) and blows the smell into my face - which I then try to eat! It's almost as good as stalking the cutting board in the kitchen for fallen morsels of goodness that my mama forgets about. Just last night my humans had a rice and bean dish, and I could smell every single ingredient in my dad's breath.

I also like to follow my mama into the bathroom every time she goes. I don't know why I have to outside to tinkle, and she gets to sit on a pretty pedistal. It just doesn't seem fair! I love to sit on the fuzzy bathroom rug and listen to the pretty music my mama makes. Sometimes it seems like things are slowing down, so I leave - but then a trumpet blows and brings me back for an encore!

Lately though, certain smells have been coming from my own backside - - usually between the hours of 9 and 10 PM. Mama thinks it may be time for a change in my puppy food. Believe me, it is BAD. This stink certainly will not help me with the ladies.

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Toothfairie came!

I am such a growing puppy!

The other day, while chewing on one of my favorite toys (mama spreads some yummy - and bacteria free! - peanut butter on it!) I felt a slight twing in my gums. I only paid a moments notice, then went back to my business of chew-chewin'. After I was done, I looked down and saw 3 of my pearly whites, just laying on floor!

I guess I really didn't need them.

I showed my mama, and she immediately laid me on my back and stuck her fingers all up inside my mouth poking at my remaining chompers. Dad then said that I have to stop playing such agressive games of tug-of-war, or else I will start to look like a toothless hillbilly!

I snuck the teeth under my bed pillow - and the toothfairie left me a bisquit! Score! I'm really excited because I have at least 4 more loose teeth!

Friday, February 16, 2007

It's all about the poop

This blizzard has certainly thrown me for a loop. My special poop place is now under 28 inches of packed powder, and my little legs are not long enough to help me out. I did manage to hold it all day - until it was time for bed...then I could not hold it in any longer. Mama calls that "hedge-hogging." (Mama was very pleased that I did not make an "accident" in the house, and I got several treats for my grand effort!)

I went in the street. Granted, I would've preferred the comfort and privacy of my yard (or the neighbor's yard, depending on my mood) - - but you have to do what you have to do. Pooping in the street is actually quite fun! You kinda have to do it fast, because of the cars and what-not, and because Mama didn't want to be a human bullseye with all those crazy drivers out there. But, it was either there, or our front porch...and I gotta keep my territory marked!

In other news - Mama and Pop decided that it would be a blast to throw me into the deep end of the snowbank to see if I would float. I did. Then, gave them a dirty look. Ruffin' nincumpoops!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

We are offically snowed in here at home. Last night I heard my mom and dad talking about this "big snow storm" but I really had no idea what they meant. This morning I found out. I don't like the snow too much - especially when it is higher than me. Plus, it is very cold. I felt like I would turn into a frozen pupcicle this morning while I was out finding a place to poo.

We are supposed to get 2 feet of this stuff. I am only a foot tall when standing on all fours. What in the world will I do?

I did not want to go down those stairs this morning!

Me, not happy, but sporting a pretty cool snow beard.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I hate sweaters!!!!

Why must our humans dress us in funny clothes? Don't they understand that we have a permanent outfit called...fur?! Every time I go for a walk, I see big dogs and little dogs wearing ridiculous coats, sweaters, hats and even boots. What the ruff, ruff?! My mom always said that she would never dress me in that silly stuff.

She lied.

She sprang this new sweater on me the other day when I was not looking. It caught me totally off guard! By the time I realized what was happening, she was off to get her camera. However, it only took me about 2 seconds to spring into action. I clawed, ripped and bit into that darn sweater until I nearly passed out! I did manage to get one arm out, and I guess that was enough to get my mama into the right mindframe to take that shizzy off. I hope she didn't pay alot of that thing - because there is no way that I am allowing her to approach me with that ball of yarn ever again. Word!

BTW - don't be looking at my boy parts.

Morning Routine

Besides the whole poop, pee, eat thing that I do every morning, I have gotten into the habit of messing with my mama's shower. I know this is the only time she has to herself now that I am in her life, but I just can't help myself. I love the water! Usually, I just sit on the bathmat and wait for her to open the curtain so I can lick the water off of her toes, and sometimes I push my nose up between the fabric curtain and the liner and just stare at her. This morning, I found out that I can jump into the bathtub without much effort! For the longest time, I thought I was too small and my legs were too weak...but I am a big boy now, and I can easily clear that porcelain barrier.

I have never seen my mama so impressed! She jumped (for joy!) and screamed (in glee!) when I made my suprise appearance. Tomorrow I will pull my new stunt again...this is more fun than taking boogie tissues out of the trashcan!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ruff ahhh...ruff! That means "welcome" to all you humans.

Welcome to my brand new dog blog. I started this blog to keep all my peeps and bitches updated on my happenings. Although I am crated during the day while my parents are at work bringing home the bacon, I do party hardy in the evening!

I am only 4 months old, so I am very much still a puppy. My parents *think* I am almost pottytrained, since I have not had an accident in the house in at least a week - I'm thinking it may be time to send them a fast ball. Ruff, ruff!

Here is a picture of me, the first day I cam home...

I so had them fooled!

Here I am now...

Devil Dog!