Monday, April 30, 2007

Working Dog

This weekend my pop decided to continue in his effort of siding the house we are living in. (From what I understand, this process was started in the past - only to be haulted by a variety of things...mainly weather.)

Anyways...pop took down the pink insulation, and replaced it with green insulation, while I stood watch/guard until I got sleepy. I wonder if this project will be stopped like it was before, or if the job will actually be completed this time...stay tuned!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

10 Things (you may not know) About Me

My pup friend Suki had this idea on her blog, so I thought I'd play along and tell all my friends 10 things about me that they probably do not know!

1. I dig through the garbage to find used kleenex. So may think that is gross - but it is actually really tasty. I'm sure that I am getting 100% of the vitamins and minerals I need in a day. (If the bathroom garbage is empty, I always head off to my pop's office, because I can always find yummy things in there!)

2. The tips of my ears fall into my water dish when I take a drink.

3. I do what is called "the 360 degree poop." As soon as I let one drop, I turn myself around (while still squatting) to smell it, then finish leaving a complete circle of turds. Mama's note: this is so strange, and very dangerous...there are minefields all over the yard!

4. I can not jump onto my mama and pop's bed.

5. Whenever anyone eats in front of me, I bark at them, because they refuse to share. I am then placed in my kennel until food-time is over, where I whine for a minute, then fall asleep.

6. If I am lucky enough to sleep in my parent's bed (played all day and am super tired), I have to lick my pop's legs for at least 10 minutes before I will fall asleep. It's always my pop - I like the salty taste and texture of his hairy legs!

7. I will not lay on the ground (like a dog) to rest. I will climb up on the couch, or preferably, on a lap - but I will never choose the floor.

8. Whenever the phone rings, I drop what I am doing to help my mama answer it!

9. If my parent's give me a new food item to try - like a piece of popcorn - I will attack it, until I feel safe!

10. I sometimes step in old poo and don't tell my parents, then touch their faces with my paws!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oh ya!

Guess who the coolest dog at my house is?


I passed my very first obedience puppy school class! I learned how to sit, lay down, stay (sitting and down) for up to 30 seconds, shake paws, leave it, take it, drop it and a puppy push up (going from sitting, to down, to back up to the sitting position). We do have to still work on my leash manners and heeling. I have the stop and sit down pat though!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Summer presents...for me!

My mama bought me a pool the other day! I am more than excited, in case you can't tell - which is hard if you are only looking at this picture. (I don't know why I sometimes have a sour puss look on my face!)

I also got a really cool pull toy, which has a hard nubby chewy on one end and a ball on the other. It's the bestest...I love it so much that I peed on it!

Doggie yoga

Monday, April 23, 2007

A walk to our "neighbors"

I can't wait to move!

Not that anything is planned soon...pop's working on renovating a 100 year old house he bought over 5 years ago. (It was damaged in a fire, so it had to be gutted and started all over.) The house is really neat though - there's a fireplace for me to warm up next too, two toilets to drink in, stairs to run up and down, a fenced in backyard - and the bestest thing ever...FRIENDS!

This is Sammy (brown and tan) and Max (white and tan), and they will live right next door to me when my parents finally decided to pack up their things and move. We share a fence, but when I visited this weekend Sammy and Max's mama let me come over to play in their yard! We had such a great time. I am the youngest and fastest, but Sammy kept up with me quite nicely. We were all pooped out by the end of our play'fest! (I know I slept well that night!)

On the way home, I saw the ugliest tree I have ever seen in my life! Mama even said the same thing. Look, there's whiskers coming out of it!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Naughty is as naughty does

My mama brought some work home with her yesterday. She works at a Symphony, and occassionally brings home music to "bow." (Ever notice how all of the violin, viola and cello bows always go in the same direction? My mama helps with that!) Everytime my mama brings home work to do, I try to help. When she doesn't let me help - I go on a rampage! (I can't help it...I'm just a puppy...)

Here I am trying to keep the music warm.

I'm very good at it, and since it's either let me lay, or watch me destroy, I got to stay where I was...being the warmer. I'm sure the musicians won't mind a little pup-hair on their pages.

Ut-oh...mama tried to mess with me! Don't move the music woman!

After helping my mama, I decided to terrorize my pop. He was just sitting in the chair all nice watching TV...I crept over quietly...and PULLED HIS SOCKIE RIGHT OFF! Then, wouldn't give it back. Ruff, ruff! I have very stong canines. Look how long that ankle sock got - I totally stretched it out.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Pieces of me

I have a very strange anomaly on my right paw...a bi-colored toe nail! One half is black, the other white - and split right down the middle. My mama and pop says that they have never seen such a thing before, and that I am "wicked special." (Yes, they actually said "wicked!" Ruff, Ruff!)

My mama tried really hard to take a picture to show everypup, but I decided to be a bit of a wiggle worm. If you look closely though, you can see the mutant nail - it's the 3 nail on my paw closest to the camera.

I hope it doesn't change as I grow older! I kinda like having a different piece of me.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Working it out

Mama pulled out the carpet eating machine last night, to pick up a mess I made (bones are messy sometimes!). I started to bark and bark and bark some more - why does the vacuum get to be so loud, but I am told to "chill?" So - long story short...mama made me "work it out" with the mean vacuum.

Sigh. I give up. Let's be friends.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Why I blog

Ferndoggle of The Dogs of Jackman Ave called me "Kevin Federline" due to my fancy foot work in the post below. I'm not sure how I feel about that!! I mean, he is takin' care of his kids - but the man is a bit of a stink! Ruff, ruff! (hey Lola, call me baby!)

Charlie tagged me (well, all doggie bloggers who visited his site) with this meme:

"Name 5 reasons you blog."

Here goes:
1. My mama wanted to keep a (public) babybook of my development and naughty ways, which is why I post lots of pictures and stories of my puppyhood.
2. My mama and pop spend so much time on the internet, it's only fair that they share with me, even if I do not have opposeable thumbs.
3. I like to write, and blogging is a creative outlet for me. After all - I am in a kennel all day, thinking of only cute and interesting things to talk about.
4. I live in the 'hood, surrounded by male Pittbulls, and have to find my girlfriends on the 'net. (SUKI!)
5. Blogging has actually made me a more confident dog! I love my doggie friends who give me great advice and provide wonderful inspiration!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Dancin' Machine!

Those "Howling Jowls" know I have skilz! They asked me to be their back up dancer (along with Miss Sophie).

I never notice how much stuff my mama and pop have! Geeze humans! It's time to downsize!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everypup and your humans!

The ears snuck up on me! My mama tried to tell me that I, Sparky the Puggle, was the Easter Bunny, but I was not having it.

Hey tongue matches the ears.

Then, she transfered the bunny ears to my doggie basket! (Hey pups - that basket is filled with treats and toys!!!! I like this holiday the bestest!)

Afterwards, I started to get a little frisky, and decided to destroy the ears, so they wouldn't sneak up on me again.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


My mama took me aside last night and told me that I have issues. I fart. A LOT.

About two months ago, my vet lady suggested that my humans change my food, after I took a huge dump in the examination room - stinking the whole room up to high heaven. So, instead of eating Pedigree Puppy (dry), I was transitioned to Nutro Natural Choice Puppy (dry), because the later is supposed to have no fillers and be better for my digestive tract. The farting did not stop...and in fact, it has gotten worse in the past week or so. I'm actually starting to make noise like my humans sometimes do! Last night the smell actually frightened me! I looked all around trying to find the source, before realizing: it was me. I'm eating the same treats - and my "schedule" has remained the same, but the smell still lingers. And lingers. (I won't even begin to tell you how hard it is to stay in a kennel all day with only my gas to keep me company.)

(In the past, I could blame the stink on my pop, and my mama wouldn't bat an eye...but, that doesn't seem to be working any longer.)

Everypup...what do you eat? Do you get the stinks like I do? Is it just a puppy thing that I will grow out of? Should mama call the vet lady? I'm at a loss, and don't really know what to do.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Another walk...

My mama tries so hard to tire me out by taking me on super long walks - sometimes a couple a day. It's too bad that I love them so much! They just re-energize me instead of pooping me out!

Speaking of poop - take a look at this picture:

(I dropped 3 of 'em on this particular walk...mama only had bags for 2 of them. Whoops!)

We took a different route this time, and witnessed a soccer game. We stayed only a minute, because the people were very loud and I was ready to boogie. We've had some really beautiful weather lately, but check out that huge snow pile in the background! It'll probably be there until June!

We learned a couple of things from this excursion...1. the bike trail is dangerous with a ton of broken glass and many, many scary pedestrians on bikes 2. mama has to bring some water for me to drink along the way. I think she sometimes forgets that I am part pug and I overheat quickly and 3. you shouldn't talk to strange men with strange looking dogs because they will tell you their life story - and it's not pretty, especially when they start talking about wanting to shoot all of the geese in the park!

Hey! That referee has a beer belly!