Friday, March 23, 2007

Did I say life changing?

It was a breeze!

(My mama is going to help me with this post today, since I am "on" pain medication, which can sometimes make puppies loopy. BTW - my mama's name is Kat...isn't that silly? A KAT with a DOG!)

My surgery went very well yesterday...I lived to tell about it!

I overheard my vet lady talking to my mama about my smooshy pug-like snout and anesthesia - but it turned out not to be a problem after all, thanks to my beagle side! The hardest part of the whole thing was that I was not allowed to have breakfast in the morning, so my poor stomach was growling something fierce. They started off my taking my blood. Check out my super-duper vein!

It's a darn good thing that my mama was smart enough to get the insurance plan for me offered by my doctor, because the bill was ridiculous! Over $1,100 in itemized charges. Mama had to pay only $11.88 for the whole thing - medicine included! (Sparky's mama: That is so true! They probably trump up the charges, so it looks like you are saving a ton of money. I'm sure if I was paying out of pocket it would only be about $300 total.)

My recovery at home was short and sweet. Sure, I still have stitches - but looking at me last night, you would never know that I had mama keeps telling me to calm down. But, I can't! My puppyness is just too strong for me to fight! So, to keep me from jumping on every surface in the house, my mama decided to practice my training commands. You know what that means? COOKIES! (Sparky can now shake hands!) MAMA! Stop interrupting me! (Sorry Spark-a-licious.) It's OK. *lick, lick*

I know that Suki doesn't like these Old Mother Hubbard treats - but I don't think they're too bad. (I have the peanut butter ones.) Here's to you, pretty Suki! *wink, wink* (Do you have a crush on lady Suki there Sparky?) NO! (Are you sure? You talk about her all the time.) Alright...I do. But, don't tell her...I don't want her to act strange around me.

BTW - I got quite a pep talk about peeing on the couch. I promise that I won't do it again! (That's good to hear. I seriously wanted to skin you last night and turn you into a handbag, or something.) Did you know that if you dry a couch cushion in the dryer, it will shrink a little?! I didn't!


Tadpole said...

Hi Sparky! I'm going to link you on my blog because you're too cute!! It's good know you have a "Kat" and that you like her... that's encouraging. :-) I do naughty pee-pees too - just to let you know, you get more cookies if you do it outside. I'm finally figuring that out.

Sam Iam said...

You have a Awesome human.And she takes good care of you ..It's always nice to meet new paw -pals thank you for sharing my B-day with me today .sniff-sniff

Lot's of Lick's

Skyler and Jesse said...

Wow, you gots grrrrrrrrrreat veins!! Told ya you'd be ok!